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A piddling little stream

12 Apr

If you like mud then Hull could be just the place for you. When the tide is out there’s acres of  thick oozing alluvium silting up the old harbour. I believe there are plans to clear out the gloop and improve the flow but then there’s always plans for something or other in this place. It’s at these times like this that you can see just what a small insignificant little stream the river Hull really is. 

Proof …

8 Apr

…or at least good evidence that fish do not need bicycles.

47 Queen Street

12 Feb

Here’s yet another of those old riverside warehouses reused as offices, this one is next door to that C4DI building I showed the other day. It’s also the offices of Wykeland the development company that is building the C4DI site so that’s handy.

The weekend in black and white is here.

The iconic view from from Sammy’s Point

3 Aug

I don’t know if you local paper has a buzz word that it uses over and over despite the writer not having a clue what the word means. With the local rag here that word is ‘iconic’. So every old building becomes iconic, bridges become iconic, fried mashed potato patties become iconic, the very snot from kid’s noses is a runny green iconic splurge. So, in the manner of the iconic Hull Daily Mail, we have here on the left in the background the iconic Humber Bridge, moving across Hull’s iconic water front, the soon-to-be iconic C4DI building, the obviously iconic Holy Trinity, the newly iconic Millennium Bridge and the gloriously iconic Tidal Barrier. I’m standing in front of the iconic Deep and I realise I forgot to mention the iconic River Hull and iconic Humber with attendant iconic mud. Those clouds passing by, yup, part of the iconic Hull sky …

Saturday’s Post

25 Jul

You know those sisyphean tasks that this town gets itself into, bridges that take years to build, piers that are never mended, roads that will never be upgraded, derelict buildings that defy both the Council and gravity; the list goes on and on. Well now that silt you can see in the background, well there’s now a plan to shift it and all the other sediments from all the way up to Beverley, some eight or nine miles away, out into the Humber to aid river flow. What’s that the poet says about a man’s reach …?
The monochrome fun goes on at the weekend in black and white here.

Deep Brown Mud

29 Jul

Here’s the local penguin farm and fish tank reflected in some glorious mud with yours truly in the shadows.

Windows and mud

5 Jun

Here’s the view across the entrance to Humber Dock or the Marina as it’s now called. This the old Steam Packet Wharf that I mentioned in a previous post. As you can see it’s just a little bit silted up.