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Monumental Memorial Madness

25 Jul

Way back in 1935 this thing (well, it is an ugly, phallic monstrosity when all said and done) was rightly considered to be a nuisance and a hazard to traffic and so Hull City Council spent £1,500 moving it from the end of Whitefriargate to the eastern end of Queens Gardens ( see here ). There it stands out of everyone’s way, a focal point, if you like, for the view along the gardens. And there you might think it would stay but you would have reckoned without the all pervading madness that has overcome the City of Culture. The recently announced city facelift that I mentioned some days back includes, if  funds from the National Lottery can be found, a plan to put this darn thing back where it was. I am put in mind of the rearrangement of deckchairs on the Titanic … oh, the cost, I forgot to mention the cost, well multiply the old cost by a thousand and you have it.

Right Bleeding Shambles

7 Mar

With losses of over£5 billion this ‘financial institution’ still managed to pay out ‘bonuses’ of over £600 million. The capo di tutti capi at the Bank of England has called for it to be cut into little pieces and thrown to the wolves saying in effect that four years of public mollycoddling have had no noticeable effect on this criminal enterprise. Today I note that their ATMs have failed again
The dog tied up outside this Silver Street branch had the loudest howl of any dog I’ve heard. I’d howl if I was a customer of this place.