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Hazy with buttercups

10 Jun

I made a brief sojourn to Beverley Westwood on a hazy June day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many buttercups. The cattle that roam about this place must have read that buttercups are poisonous and are carefully avoiding them …


9 Apr

Last time I posted about the Clarence Mill it was half pulled down and well on its way to being a fully cleared site. Well you won’t be at all surprised that nothing is ever so straight forward in this wonderful town. I’d already mentioned how slow the demolition was, well ‘slow’ turned into ‘stopped altogether’. Shortly after I posted the contractors, who apparently hadn’t been paid for some time, walked off the site and nothing happened for several months. A few weeks ago work started again and so we are down now to this stump and a huge pile of bricks. So what do you reckon? Another year before this place is finally cleared? Or maybe two?
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A bit of a mess

9 Oct

I’m afraid this post is a bit of a mess, basically just a pile of snaps of the ongoing demolition of the Clarence Mills. There’s not a lot to add to what I’ve already said about this. So just excuse the mess and make of it what you will.
The weekend in black and white is here, all being well.

Top notch!

Slo-mo demolition

6 Sep

You’ve seen those demolition videos where a whole block comes down at the push of a button and lies in a neat little heap ready to be swept up and taken away; well this ain’t like that at all. The old Clarence Mill is coming down but brick by brick and at this rate we’ll still be here by Christmas. Complaints have been received that rubble is falling in the river and causing pollution. This is denied, of course, but the public walkway used to have a safety fence recently erected and that has been crushed by bricks so if some were to have fallen in the river it would hardly be a surprise. There’s still a section of wall that runs along a busy road; it’ll be fun pulling that down without injury or damage. I’ve recorded some graffiti for posterity, if you look real close you can see someone (SP) has even tagged the very top of the tower.

Stylish nonsense

1 Jun

As the winner of several design awards the Scale Lane bridge has many of the attributes of stylishness. It was hideously expensive, looks like someone’s doodling made real and serves no useful purpose other than to amuse Hull’s hardy tourists.
I noticed after I had taken this that the demolition of the Clarence flour mill in the background has begun, I was guilty of looking at the clouds and not at what was in front of my nose.

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"When gorse is out of bloom kissing’s out of fashion"

17 Apr

Took myself off to Beverley Westwood and had the place practically to myself, just an occasional dog walker, an errant golf player or two, a few crows, oh and a couple of skylarks to lighten the spirits. There were banks of wood anemones and this large gorse bush blooming away which was just as well if that old saying has any truth to it.

Monochrome Mill

31 Mar

I took a stroll on Beverley Westwood the other day, I don’t think I’d been so cold all Winter and it’s supposed to be Spring. Absolutely no blossom on any of the trees and no sign of leaves about to burst into life. The only thing moving was the strong Easterly wind that came all the way from Omsk or Tomsk or some such place. I got as far as the old black mill before admitting defeat and going home.

In what seems like a bad joke British Summer Time starts today, I can’t imagine what I’m going to do with all that daylight that’s being saved.

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