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The Store

22 Oct

This imaginatively named emporium and former church is on the Promenade, Bridlington.

Somehow the week seems to have escaped me and it’s the weekend again which means there’ll be monochrome magic over at the Weekend in Black & White.

See how great a flame aspires …

15 Apr

Kindled by a spark of grace!
I could not say that I was entirely surprised to learn yesterday morning that the George Lamb Memorial Chapel on Lambert Street had been destroyed by fire. As I mentioned in my post three years ago it had been in a fairly derelict state for years and last used for God bothering 21 years ago. Other long empty buildings have been subject to similar blazes in the recent past. 
I’d heard rumours the Council were going to buy it under the compulsory purchase system but I don’t know if anything came of that. Anyhow that’s all a bit moot at the moment. The innards are completely gone and engineers are testing the structural viability of the shell. Let’s hope the facade is sound enough to be saved at least though it does look a bit iffy to be honest. There is, of course, plenty of scuttlebutt about how convenient this destruction might be for any potential developer, I couldn’t possibly comment.

We see her sore oppressed

9 Mar
It’s difficult to imagine now but Hull was once a centre of Methodism with well over a hundred chapels. This imposing building, the impressively named George Lamb Memorial Chapel on Lambert Street, was put up in 1894 for the Primitive Methodist Connexion [ ? ]. Fashions change and faiths dwindle and so it was that the last service here was on Good Friday 1994. So for eighteen years the congregation has consisted mainly of the feathered brethren. You will no doubt not be surprised to learn that there were plans to convert to flats nor that these plans have come to naught. The planning permission was extended in 2010 but I would advise against holding your breath in anticipation.

Met odist Chur h, Cottingham

8 Aug
This imposing Methodist church stands on Hallgate, Cottingham. Not being in any way religious I do wonder at the way they advertise Jesus like a brand of cornflakes or a new laxative.