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A place to rest

2 Aug

The rather silly Boer War memorial on Ferensway makes a nice perch for a sea gull. I think he improves it tremendously; I’m  thinking of calling him Steven …

The Last Trip Memorial

4 May

For a place the size of Hull to lose 6,000 to 8,000 men in the fishing trade over the years there are surprisingly few memorials about the place. It should therefore not come as a complete surprise that the past year as seen two coming along together (like buses), this one hidden away in Zebedee’s Yard and another of silhouette statues on St Andrew’s Quay (which I have yet to see). Now this one has changing coloured lights shining through cut out words to do with the trawling industry as well as stainless steel miniature ship’s bows as flower holders and memorial inscriptions. It’s all a tad dull, unmemorable and slightly saccharine for me but others may find it more to their taste, who’s to say? Anyhow you can buy a bow and have it inscribed for a mere £500. There’s a shed load of stuff about it here so I’ll shut up and push off…

Lockington Memorial

25 Jul

I took this sometime ago but today seems the most appropriate day to post it. The Lockington rail crash on this day in 1986 left eight rail passengers and the passenger of a car dead and a lot of questions to be answered about the installation of automatic open crossings with no barriers. This memorial in Driffield’s North End Park was paid for by public donations and erected twenty-four years after the accident.
You can read the official report into the accident here.

Glamrock meets Robinson Crusoe: no contest.

3 Jun

This run down, somewhat seedy establishment is a memorial to Mick Ronson. Who? He was the guy who played guitar with David Bowie in the glittery glamrock end of ’70s. There used to be a kind of awning over a small stage but that appears to gone the way of all council cutbacks. Now it’s just a cafe in Queen’s Gardens with a tacky sign. 

In contrast to the ephemeral, pop music world, you may just make out a plaque on the wall. This is a celebration of Robinson Crusoe’s departure from Hull in 1651. Not from that spot, you understand, since that wasn’t a dock then, and nor yet for real since he was only  a figure in a book. The plaque states “he spent 28 years, 2 months and 19 days on a desert island an example of resolution, fortitude and self-reliance”
It goes onto to quote “Had I the sense to return to Hull, I had been happy”; well quite, but there’d been no story then, would there?