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Trinity Market (again)

8 Oct

I mentioned a few days ago that the indoor market was having an expensive make over. Well I finally got round to having a stroll through the place to see what improvements there are since I last posted about this place… The light is certainly different no doubt due to a white instead of dingy cream ceiling and new skylights, all very good; there’s a charcoal grey and white theme to the place which may not please everyone but seemed okay to me. The stalls are modern looking and a bit dull and uniform compared to the old ones but you can’t have everything. What is sadly still the same is the lack of customers. This place used be a noisy, thronging and crowded place as markets should be; it’s been going downhill for fifteen or twenty years. I visited on another day last week at 4.30pm and the place was shuttered and locked up despite the opening times being until 5pm, so I’m not optimistic.


Trinity Market

19 Sep

The indoor market has had a large loss of customers and was a pretty depressing empty place. So it is having a rebrand with new designed stalls and new signage but in the end its just a market and if folk don’t come then it’ll be a closed market.

Market Place

27 Mar

Here the tubs of Spring flowers bring a little splash of colour to the near deserted Market Place. If you’re wondering where the market is it left decades ago.


30 Mar

In these times of flailing austerity Beverley clearly has not been overly affected (see this post from two day ago). Money (between £22,000 to £80,000 depending on who you believe) has been found to renovate the Market Cross and the four shields that hang from it have been given a fresh coat of paint. The top two are Queen Anne’s and Beverley town’s shields. Bottom left is that of Sir Charles Hotham and bottom right is Sir Michael Warton MPs for Beverley who part paid for the cross in 1714. They could afford it; Charles Hotham had inherited vast estates and Michael Warton was reputed to be the richest man in England at the time.

Church and Market

5 Jan
I don’t think I’ve shown the front of Holy Trinity church before as until recently it was obscured by two large trees. Unfortunately one of the trees succumbed to disease and was removed. Whilst it’s sad to lose a large old tree it does clear a space for me to show you the impresseive windows of the church; now if only that sign wasn’t there ….

The tower on the left belongs to the market, why they need a tower? I don’t know.

Hepworth’s Arcade

29 Nov
Tucked away beside the market is this little gem; a Victorian arcade of small shops selling all sorts from jewellery and hi-fi to harmonicas and itching powder! It was built in 1894 for a Leeds tailor called Hepworth. It looks brand new after a sympathetic renovation a few years ago.

Market Cross, Beverley

5 Nov