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Life’s no fun without …

30 Sep

… City Daily Photo’s theme days. This month’s is ‘Sensual‘ …


Going right round the houses

10 Mar

The cars down below were aiming to get on the road up above and had to go the scenic route right through old town; but thanks to these traffic lights they were crawling along at less than walking speed. I hope they enjoyed the culture while they were waiting. This was the scene yesterday and I hear there is another gridlock in town right now but that’s just normal for a Friday.

Beauty business

7 Nov
Myton Bridge, Hull
The female of the species that Desmond Morris once called the naked ape spends a surprising amount of money on removing even the slightest vestiges of hairiness. Which is all good news for the local big pharma company that makes this depilatory cream of Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Thioglycollate, a market leader in smoothing away those unwanted hairy excrescences. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the shareholder.