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Light and shade

14 Jun

Trying something different with the Spurn lightship.


Lightship reflection

25 Apr

For want of anything else to offer here’s the old Spurn Lightship reflected in a solicitors window. Possibly the only thing they can’t charge for…

Weekend Reflections are here.

The round end

21 Feb

I was going to title this “the Stern of the Spurn” but thought better of it. It is, as I’m sure you knew, the back end of the Spurn lightship moored in the marina and given a slight green tint juste pour rire.

Weekend reflections are here.

I’m beginning to see the light ….

27 May

Chapel Lane 


9 May

Blue water and blue sky; it’s like a child’s painting.

The strange looking ship was the lightship at Spurn point, the entrance to the Humber. The background church is Holy Trinity and is in the centre of the “Old Town”, the original mediaeval part of the city. We do have cloudy days in Hull.