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Signs of ageing

1 Mar
Lichenometry, a way of telling the age of exposed rocks by studying the size of lichens, is, I’m told, particularly useful on specimens under 500 years old. However I think I can accurately date this stone to sometime in or about March 1859 this being the date inscribed on the grave of one John Oxtoby late of Hull Bank1 who, we are informed, departed this life aged 55 on the 21st of that month.
The new month’s theme for City Daily Photo is ageing or aging depending which part of the world you come from. You can see how well others have aged or agd here.
1 Hull Bank I have found was a ” a hamlet in the township and parish of Cottingham; the seat of Benjamin Blades Haworth, Esq. (which explains the Haworth Arms right on the corner of this estate) 3 miles from Hull”. Hull Bank was mentioned in the Domesday Book and was part of the Manor of Cottingham, roughly bounded by Clough Road, Beverley Road, the River Hull and Dunswell. The area became part of Hull with the boundary extension of 1882.