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Lake view

19 Sep

I’ve posted about East Park before so I’ve absolutely no excuse for doing it again …

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Pochard Confusion

6 Feb
Common Pochard ♂

I know you will have been worrying about this all day long and so, by way of clarification, Pochards in this country come in two varieties, common and red crested. In France however pochards are not ducks at all which reminds me à propos de rien that in the Lake District there’s a pub called the Drunken Duck. I think that’s enough ducks for one day.

Red Crested Pochard ♂ & ♀

Mute Swan

5 Feb

Here’s a few swan photos for no reason, who needs a reason?

East Park

12 Dec

As I often do at this time of year I visited East Park to see if the goosanders had arrived but I didn’t see any. However I have heard that there several at another park over in west Hull maybe they just fancied a change of scenery. There were still plenty of seagulls on the lookout for a free lunch.
The weekend in black and white has snooken up on us again and it’s here.

Splash Boat

10 Dec

In 1923 the council decided to build a splash boat and spent £1400 on materials and £474 2s 5d on building the tower so that folk can enjoy, yes that is word used, enjoy the experience of dropping 22 feet into the lake’s welcoming waters aboard a small boat. Seems a simple enough pleasure. It is, of course, only a Summer thing, even the hardy folk of the City of Culture draw the line at splashing into ice.
When I first came to Hull it had been out of order for years but a heritage lottery funded renovation means that it works again or rather did work again until just the other day when vandals did thousands of pounds of damage. Even being a listed building doesn’t protect from the anti-social brigade.
I was sure I had posted a picture of this before and indeed I have it’s here.

East Park Lake

16 Aug

The Weekend in Black and White is here.

Weekend Reflections are here.

East Park Lake

26 Jun

It’s been a while since I’ve been to East Park and in the meanwhile there have been developments, some welcome and one completely incomprehensible. Let’s start with this welcome addition; a  path over the water allowing you this rather pleasant view along the length of the lake. All very nice and would be improved only by removing the accumulated rubbish that has gathered by the shore but that’s a quibble.

Now for something that makes no sense to me at all: a new low level fence erected around the lake shore at the most popular spot in the park. Is it to keep people out of the lake?  I’ve never heard of anyone falling in here, the odd rogue dog has jumped in so I’ve been told but so what. Or is it, as I suspect and knowing the mindset of Hull City Council, to stop birds from coming out of the lake to be fed by passers-by, heaven forfend that people should feed the ducks as they have done for over a hundred years: this has to be stopped.