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King Edward Street: a touch of the baroque

6 Aug

King Edward Street as the name might suggest was pushed through the chaos of late Victorian Hull around 1905. These are a few buildings that survive from that time still retaining what I’ve heard described as Edwardian baroque revival upper storeys. The ground floor styles are Elizabethan in need of reviving.
The cladding on the middle building is noted for containing volcanic bombs which sound exciting but actually look like fossilised dog droppings. This cladding dates back to when the building was a bank, before it was a bank it was a chapel; now it’s community church and food bank

I’ve shown this before here but I think this is a better picture.


OK, Let’s Play

10 Apr

Here’s the newly paved over junction of Jameson Street and King Edward Street taken a few weeks ago when the the orange lurgy was still hanging about. I believe this dull, windswept stretch of reclaimed land goes by the equally dull, tediously sycophantic and boring old name of King Edward Square. Now really was there no body else they could honour? Somebody who actually did something more useful than screwing several dozen mistresses and siring a bunch of inbred twerps. Even Wilberforce Square would have been better, though not much. Anyhow as is the way of things in this place no empty space can be left unfilled and so the local rag has a tale of daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze no doubt, filling this godforsaken wasteland with springtime icky yellowyness only (now you knew there had be an ‘only’ coming along)  these are made of Lego. Fake flowers ffs! But then that’s culture for you, all phoney baloney from the get-go. And no I won’t be taking pictures, not now … not ever.

The lamps are going out

3 Feb

Actually these lights are being thrown out as part of the grand makeover. There was a small heap of them outside BHS. I hope they’re going to be sold on and recycled somewhere.  Here’s one in better times.

The weekend in black and white is here.

The Wrong Way

16 Jan

If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well. It were done quickly …

I hope yesterday’s post did not give the impression that the town is cleared of the orange menace. As you can see there’s still plenty of it about. Work is still going on and won’t be finished until March so I’m told. So if you’re in town and want to get from A to B without going via C to Z, it’s as well to check out the intricate maze of pathways that have been set out before us. The unwary may be taken several hundred yards out of their way. 
If you think there’s an inordinate amount of this stuff going on in Hull it’s because the Council claim to be trying to do three years work in one year.  We shall see if might not have been quicker to go slower.

Highway Maintenance

30 Mar

Those familiar with the current state of the town’s highways may appreciate this unsubtle attempt at visual irony …

Soon the democrats will be democking

15 Apr

May 7 is the big day for the quinquennial exercise in so-called democratic accountability. But at least in this country you don’t have to vote and it’s really tempting not to bother since there isn’t going to be a ‘None of the above‘ option on the ballot paper. 

…quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum.

3 Apr

A new coffee hole on King Edward Street is a blessing, I was beginning to worry in case there weren’t enough to satisfy the cravings of the poor in spirit. This one claims to be independent unlike the one next door. It has seating upstairs no doubt with the very Gods themselves. Oh and the view is as I posted just the other day. Heavenly, almost.
The weekend in black and white is sipping a latte over here.