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Thirst quencher

28 Apr

It’s been a bit of dry spell for this blog;  here’s a little something to be going on with. It seems the new fashion is to disparage plastic bottles and the lovely sugary confections that they contain. Folk are having their colas, fruit drinks and lemonades taxed or replaced with vile artificially sweetened substitutes (all for their own good you understand, adult choice having been outsourced to  HMRC) and being led by the nose (and other sensitive parts) to drink water from their recycled plastic bottles. So in keeping with this nagging and nannying the local water company have splashed out on this fountain on King Edward Street and a couple of other places. Of course it cannot just be a simple drinking fountain it has to be an oasis with attendant sculptures (I believe that was the word used). It all brings to my mind a saying of my long departed mother: ” Water only made one man and the wind blew him over” …

Promis’d joy!

4 Mar

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!
News came a few weeks back that the Council had bought this building and the empty Edwin Dawes building behind it. There’s a grand plan to demolish both and erect shops, some housing and that thing most vital for a civic entity, an ice rink (every town should have one), the tout ensemble to be known as Albion Square. As I understand it the demolition will go ahead speedily, leaving the mural and a demolition site, no doubt artfully boarded off. Then, well then, as I understand it, the Council go out with a begging bowl and seek a commercial partner to pay for the scheme. Of course if no such partner is forthcoming then there is, again as far as I know, no plan B and the people of Hull face having a scaffolded façade fronting a very pleasant demolition site for the foreseeable future. 

The boarding around the BHS building shows artist’s impressions of the scheme, involving encasing the mosaic in a glass atrium. You may draw whatever inference you wish by my inclusion of the waste bin in this picture.

Festival House

13 Oct

You know how it is: the neighbours have gotten a bit rowdy and done a bit of damage to your neighbourhood but, well, we’ve all got to get along together somehow … so some six years after that party that was WW2 Hull gets round to building something permanent; Hull is so chuffed at building something permanent it puts up a plaque and the building is named after that event that forever dooms Britain: the Festival of Britain. OK enough hype; this easily missed building is the first building they built after the war and Jameson Street must have been a much bigger mess than the recent renovations ( “You don’t know you’ve lived”, I believe is the expression our parents would fling at us for being born too late to miss all that bomb damage fun. So sorry Adolph I’ll catch it on Yesterday +1). May day 1951 must have been some day for Hull, the rebuild begins. There is that saying if at first you don’t succeed try again and fail again, fail better; Hull has been doing that for nigh on seventy years.

ATM x 4

7 Oct

I’ve never heard anyone IRL, as they say, call these ATMs maybe a hole-in-the-wall or cash machine but never ATM. Anyhow all these 800kg money boxes are (like me) still running Windows XP; it’s nice to know your money is safe behind the latest technology innit?

"Wenn ich Kultur höre …

5 Oct

Like any town or city these days the Kulturstadt has its share of homeless and down-on-their-luck folks sheltering in doorways or under the BHS mosaic, always managing to be just out of sight under cardboard or heaps of scruffy bedding. I believe last year these people were being encouraged to volunteer for the year of fun so as not to feel excluded and “be part of the exciting stuff”. Judging by my own eyes I don’t think that has been too successful. 
The weekend in black and white is here.

The Pro

19 Sep

I suppose I could have used this for this month’s theme of photographing the photographer. This guy had a serious amount of kit and clearly had a date somewhere as he marched along Jameson Street a few weeks ago.

The Masters Bar

17 Sep

At the junction of Jameson Street and South Street stands this little gem of Edwardian baroque revival. It was built in 1903 and is, of course, protected by a Grade 2 listing.
I’ll mention  here (without comment) an odd little poster that you may have noticed in the top photo. It’s for that Larkin exhibition at the University which I posted about a few weeks ago.