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Building a legacy

5 May

Here is the eastern end of Jameson Street with the canopy of the now empty BHS store that used to shelter those waiting for buses. Where once there was a steady stream of cars, buses and people, the very arterial blood of any city, there is now yet another bland, pedestrianised desert. 

When a shop stops selling stuff and the doors close and the “for sale” signs spring up (redevelopment opportunity, of course) this is when the cover up operation starts. In swoops the council or whoever and City of Culture posters festoon the empty windows and doors. It all looks so professional, they’ve obviously had a lot of experience in this. So the empty BHS store is no longer a salutary lesson in the failure of modern business but has somehow become a bright blue advertisement for Culture and that is some sort of legacy I suppose.

Now I’ve gone on about this mosaic thing before and how there was a petition to get it some protection from any future wrecker’s ball. Well it seems there yet another petition to get it Grade 2 listed. As you simply cannot have too many petitions I signed that as well; you may like to do so it’s here. The mural now has a Twitter identity (@BhsMuralHull)  and I read recently of a young person who had a tatoo based on the mosaic. Now that is truly a lasting legacy.

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OK, Let’s Play

10 Apr

Here’s the newly paved over junction of Jameson Street and King Edward Street taken a few weeks ago when the the orange lurgy was still hanging about. I believe this dull, windswept stretch of reclaimed land goes by the equally dull, tediously sycophantic and boring old name of King Edward Square. Now really was there no body else they could honour? Somebody who actually did something more useful than screwing several dozen mistresses and siring a bunch of inbred twerps. Even Wilberforce Square would have been better, though not much. Anyhow as is the way of things in this place no empty space can be left unfilled and so the local rag has a tale of daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze no doubt, filling this godforsaken wasteland with springtime icky yellowyness only (now you knew there had be an ‘only’ coming along)  these are made of Lego. Fake flowers ffs! But then that’s culture for you, all phoney baloney from the get-go. And no I won’t be taking pictures, not now … not ever.

Trees at night

7 Apr

The new trees and seats on Jameson Street have ground level lighting so you don’t bump into them in the dark… did you know that some trees at night let themselves droop by up to four inches? And furthermore there are people being paid a good salary to find out more about this valuable titbit of information.
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To Let: One City of Culture

11 Mar

I read a report in the esteemed local newspaper that, according to the equally esteemed Sunday Times, Hull is to be included for the first time in the “Best Places to Live in the UK” list. Being the ST it is aimed at readers who would not dream of taking the bus (yes a bus dear! you pay a fare and sit with ‘other people’ and they may even talk to you) to the human battery farms of Orchard Park and Bransholme or the ruins of Preston Road or, God forbid, a leisurely stroll along Beverley Road with its ambience of traffic pollution, cannabis and the glorious delights urban and human decay. No these blinkered snowflakes only appreciate how the tree-lined Avenues have become desirable with lots of eating places and how “everyone in Hull has got involved” (in the C of C, darling, do keep up). It’s delusional BS for the aspirant middle classes.
The list is in no particular order of merit and has no fewer than 143 places on it (as the list takes into account “the personal experiences of the authors” I’m thinking that’s a hell of a lot of baksheesh!).  I suppose by the same criteria of making a big enough list Abu Ghraib might have been one of the best prisons in the world.
The other day I was accused of moaning (yes, moaning, me!, as if I would!) by some anonymous commentator, may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb.


10 Feb

There’s often someone trying to earn a few pennies busking on an accordion at this spot on Jameson Street. The quality of performance varies from dire to almost professional with electronic drum boxes giving some extra oomph to the performance. This guy was quite good and I left humming Sous le ciel de Paris  for the rest of the afternoon.

The lamps are going out

3 Feb

Actually these lights are being thrown out as part of the grand makeover. There was a small heap of them outside BHS. I hope they’re going to be sold on and recycled somewhere.  Here’s one in better times.

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The Wrong Way

16 Jan

If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well. It were done quickly …

I hope yesterday’s post did not give the impression that the town is cleared of the orange menace. As you can see there’s still plenty of it about. Work is still going on and won’t be finished until March so I’m told. So if you’re in town and want to get from A to B without going via C to Z, it’s as well to check out the intricate maze of pathways that have been set out before us. The unwary may be taken several hundred yards out of their way. 
If you think there’s an inordinate amount of this stuff going on in Hull it’s because the Council claim to be trying to do three years work in one year.  We shall see if might not have been quicker to go slower.