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Life in a cold climate

18 Nov
This pavement plaque is part of the Seven Seas Fish Pavement that I have mentioned before [ 1 ]. This one is an Icefish something which I’d never heard of. Turns out these creatures have somehow managed to mangle up the gene for haemoglobin production which under normal circumstances would come under the heading of ‘not recommended’. However they live as proof that variety is indeed the spice of life. Living in very cold Antarctic waters, where the oxygen levels are higher than in warm water, they hang on in there. They’re also translucent as the best picture on Wikipedia clearly shows here. There’s an informative article here.
Talking about the struggle for survival, the Seven Seas fish oil factory in Hull has been scheduled for closure. The firm blames the country’s economy, personally I blame the fact they didn’t employ me when I applied for a job there 25 years ago. Anyhow that’s another 250 people who may lose their job as we confidently stride out of recession, or not.