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The Hutton Cranswick Affair

30 Dec
Here’s a place I’ve only ever passed through on the train.
It’s a quiet village that serves as a dormitory for Hull and Bridlington. Wikipedia informs that it has a large village green and two shops.
The main (should that be only?) thing I know about Hutton Cranswick is its connection with a horse racing scandal in the early 1980s. A horse called Flockton Grey was substituted with an older and stronger horse called Good Hand who romped home at odds of 10-1. The bookies became suspicious and an investigation found the trainer and two others had been  naughty boys. Flockton Grey was supposed to be stabled near Hutton Cranswick but its exact whereabouts were a bit of a mystery. Flockton Grey died at the age of 29 two years ago. You can read more here.
I’m sure Hutton Cranswick is a lovely place it’s just that I’ve never been there, maybe someday …