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Amusing Misuse of Resources

8 Mar

Many lifetimes ago I used to use Linux as my operating system, I vaguely remember concerns about the mighty Microsoft taking over the world and other silly nightmares that were common at the time. Anyhow between figuring out the many and varied scripts that kept the computer swimming and wondering how to get a wifi dongle recognised I was made aware of a program called AMOR. AMOR caused a little figure to appear at the top of a window which would then run along and fall off or it would just wander aimlessly around the screen. Utterly pointless and, of course, AMOR stood for Amusing Misuse of Resources. So what has brought that fascinating snippet of my past to mind? Well here on Humber Street an iron dais has been erected which at night time allows a person to have their spoken words captured by voice recognition software and then projected dot-matrix style on the flood barrier at the other end other street. Here‘s an example from the local paper. I’m sure it’s all very hi-tech and we are told the machine will ‘learn’ to recognise the Hull accent and, of course, it comes with the usual culture-speak nonsense about changing the way folk see public spaces yada yada yada. But come on now, admit it; it’s just a big toy and about as much use a wobbly widget on an X screen. 
Oh and as for the Linux thing forget it, I learned to love Microsoft’s Windows XP and no, I will not upgrade, never, not ever, do you hear me?

Scott’s Square v2.0

9 Feb

I have posted about Scott’s Square in the past and about how it is nothing more than an alley way leading to an empty space, a home for the destitute. Well as you can see there are plans to build dwellings for people to live in the area once again. This has got to be a good thing.

You win some, you lose some

8 Feb

After nearly two years of repairs and whatnot Humber Street is now back in use with most of the buildings having been saved. However the ones that stood next to this building which I last showed being propped up by a forest of scaffolding and ballast did not respond well to treatment and had to be removed. The place is now on the tourist “must visit” list again and there’s plenty of art galleries and eateries and drinkeries for those that like that kind of thing.

Live, Work, Play

4 Feb

or push a pram.

Don’t ask me ….

27 Jun

..’cos I haven’t a clue. This fragile rusting thing attached to some boards hangs in an alley off Humber Street. I can make out the words ‘The Monitor Loops’ or perhaps ‘The Loops Monitor’. It obviously meant something to someone at some time.

Big Lifter

26 Jun

The mess that is Humber Street clearly requires some heavy lifting and in a narrow street a big crane has to go up and over both sides to get the new metal work in place. Even with this machine the street will no doubt still be an array of scaffolding and supports by the time of the Humber Street Sesh in August when thousands will descend upon it in search of entertainment.

Floreat GB

27 Mar
Humber Street, Hull
What does this GB stand for? Gor Blimey, Gordon Bennett, Geoffrey Boycott, gigabyte, George Bush, Great Britain, girl’s blouse, gallactic bloodshed, gorgeous brute … Well I don’t know. I do know that this is the former warehouse of GB Flowers on Humber Street. Along with the rest of the fruit, veg and flower market GB moved their show out to the west of town and as far as I know they are blooming nicely.
I had a feeling I’d posted about this place before (there’s only so much you can do before you start repeating yourself) and indeed here’s what it looked like in May 2013.
The weekend in black and white is here.