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The iconic view from from Sammy’s Point

3 Aug

I don’t know if you local paper has a buzz word that it uses over and over despite the writer not having a clue what the word means. With the local rag here that word is ‘iconic’. So every old building becomes iconic, bridges become iconic, fried mashed potato patties become iconic, the very snot from kid’s noses is a runny green iconic splurge. So, in the manner of the iconic Hull Daily Mail, we have here on the left in the background the iconic Humber Bridge, moving across Hull’s iconic water front, the soon-to-be iconic C4DI building, the obviously iconic Holy Trinity, the newly iconic Millennium Bridge and the gloriously iconic Tidal Barrier. I’m standing in front of the iconic Deep and I realise I forgot to mention the iconic River Hull and iconic Humber with attendant iconic mud. Those clouds passing by, yup, part of the iconic Hull sky …

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog

27 Feb

As I shall not pass this way again here is the view going home.

Distant Bridge

18 Aug

I mentioned yesterday that they’d built a big bridge up the road from the ferry terminus, well ‘up the road’ is really five miles as the crows flies. Mind you, if you can fly like a crow then you don’t really need a bridge … It’s not allowed to be dull in Hull, we have gloom instead.

C word on Vermont Street

19 Feb

I mentioned earlier how the local phone monopoly was painting up their cable cabinets with bits of what it likes to call culture. Here’s the Humber Bridge gracing the end of Vermont Street, just next to that church they’re demolishing that I showed yesterday. The artist, Katie Spencer, says the bridge represents “the pinnacle of Hull: togetherness and community”. I promise not to post any more of these things, if you are remotely interested (and why wouldn’t you be) there’s a web page with all the current images and a dinky little map here. (There’s almost certainly gong to be more, they’ll spread like toads).

More Gloom

11 Feb

A nice bit of gloom over Albert Dock. Those with good vision will be able to pick out the Humber Bridge stretching away in the distance. The small bridge in the centre carries the public footpath up and along the top of the buildings on the left as I mentioned in a previous post here.

Bridge for the living

12 Nov
Last year was the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of the Humber Bridge. Since then, as I may have mentioned, the tolls have have been reduced by half with increased traffic of 7% so that’s good news all round. I was prompted to post this picture by one those plaques to do with the Larkin Trail that pepper the city in various places. This one by the old ferry landing pier.

This mentions a cantata called ‘Bridge for the Living’ written to celebrate the completion of the bridge so a little trip to You Tube found the following. Some of the pictures are pretty and you can always turn the sound off.

It’s that bridge again

21 Jun
At over 510 feet in height the Humber Bridge does tend to peek into view now and then. At the beginning of April the toll on the bridge was halved to £1.50 and recent reports suggest that traffic on the bridge increased by 20,000 in the first month, which comes as no surprise to anyone really.