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A little bit foggy

12 Mar

Our new super-dooper street lights were struggling to make any impression on the wonderful thick fog that rolled in the other night. I like a nice fog even though we no longer get those glorious mournful foghorns sounding out from the river and making for that complete film noir sensation.


Non-fluttering Non-dancing

27 Feb

It’s that time of year when I usually post some harbinger of Spring, snowdrops or pussy willow or whatever. This year it’s the little daffodils that the Council or somebody has planted under local street signs. As we’ve not really had any Winter to speak of (again) maybe the coming month will bring us something colder. As the old saying goes February builds bridges, and March breaks them“.

Walking home

4 Oct
Hull Road, Cottingham
I could always catch a bus and pay whatever the fare is these days from Cottingham to Golf Links Road but then it’s not like it’s that far and it’s hardly unpleasant … so one foot in front of the other it is then. Perhaps I could get a bike!