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Red Bridge

16 Jul

This much graffitied footbridge over the rail line to Bridlington connects Hotham Road North with Priory Drive (not with Hotham Road South, no sir, that would be too obvious). Although provision for cyclists to push their bikes is given most I saw chose to carry their machines up and over. As for the wheelchair bound amongst us … well a long diversion I’m afraid unless you’ve got a very strong friend.

Margot took these while I stood in the rain and moaned.


Aussies suck …

7 Jul

… something called Up & Go (a breakfast drink, m’lud ) every morning which is why they will no doubt win this Summer’s Ashes series which starts today in Cardiff. Sadly there’ll be no “Morning, everyone” from Richie Benaud but life goes on. Cricket, I’m told, is an impenetrable mystery to some folks who fail to see how a match can last five days, end in a draw (if we’re lucky!) and still be gripping stuff. Well there you go, that’s just how it is.
These adverts however really do ‘suck’ if I may use the vernacular.