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New plans for an old site

2 Apr

Over on North Church Side plans are afoot for a boutique hotel no less, in or on the site of these fairly plain shop units. A local property developer by the name of Allenby (such a fine name, if I may say so myself!) wants to make 30 or so short stay apartments. 

As the top picture indicates this development to this quiet backwater comes with close up views of Holy Trinity’s fine medieval brickwork.

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Who will stop me?

10 Apr

“Do you mean to tell me that you’re thinking seriously of building that way, when and if you are an architect?”
“My dear fellow, who will let you?”
“That’s not the point. The point is, who will stop me?” 
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Here, at the junction of Ferensway and Freetown Way, is a fitting testament to the supremacy of man, the ferro-concrete box. 

Faded Glory

7 Apr

There’s a lot of what is politely called ‘faded glory’ abounding in Bridlington. Here, for example, is a classic seaside hotel, five floors including basement bar and so on and nobody wants it, at least not at the offering price. So here it sits, with expired planning permission for conversion to flats, quietly falling apart until the next auction. I posted about this block some three years ago; very little has changed since then apart from the new coffee bar and even that could still do with a splash of paint on the upper reaches.

Looking good

23 Nov

My what a difference a coat of paint makes (along with hours and hours of hard work). Here is what was the Dorchester Hotel on Beverley Road. It closed a few years ago and was subjected to the now usual attacks from vandals and metal thieves (for a peek inside click here) and was left for long enough boarded up and looking pretty grim as you can see from a pic taken two years ago. (Would it be churlish to mention at this point that there is a police station directly opposite this building and still the destruction went on? Humberside Police “Protect, Help, Reassure”, yeah right!)

The building is actually three Victorian villas built in the 1860’s after Pearson Park opened just behind them. They were cobbled together to make what at one time was a 58 bedroom hotel later reduced to 25 after renovation in 2002. Even adding a nightclub couldn’t save it. I think its position on the run down slummed down end of Beverley Road couldn’t have helped. This year, however, it has been taken in hand and is looking good. I not quite sure what the plans are for it but I suspect it is returning to private accommodation. 

Portland Hotel: "one of Hull’s most iconic buildings"

14 May

It’s almost always fatal to be described by the local press as iconic. So it was with the Portland Hotel which went into administration last year and was sold to a ‘developer’ who has announced plans to turn it into student accommodation. It’s on Paragon Street, a street which must hold some kind of record for business failures. As for the building itself it has few redeeming features being a seven storey brick and glass block, it’s not ugly it’s just boring and certainly not iconic. I’ve shown you the best bit here. So Hull loses a hotel but never mind there’s plans for an eighteen (or was it twenty, I forget) storey monster elsewhere in town when the Council can be ‘persuaded’ and when pigs learn to fly.

Just by the by I saw the first swifts of Summer today, a bit late but then everything is late this year. Good to know the globe’s still working.

Permission denied

18 Apr

Well I’ve got say I’m surprised. That 18 storey hotel that was planned for High Street has just been refused planning permission by Hull City Council. One councillor even went so far as to forget the rules about stating the obvious and described the proposed building as looking like a “fag packet”. The developer is needless to say less than happy having had an even bigger and uglier building granted permission earlier. I reckon my prediction for something much, much smaller is looking good.

Here’s the site complete with rubble heap and crow.

Some kind soul handily removed a fence panel for me to take these photos.

High hopes on High Street

19 Feb

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a plot of land standing idle must be in want of a hotel. So this site between High Street and the river has been earmarked for an “iconic” 22 storey hotel and conference centre [ 1 ].  Well in the intervening six months 22 has become 18 and no doubt by the time it ever gets built it’ll be 5 or 6. Here’s an impression of the latest scheme, it’s a wonderful box shape don’t you think, so original and so in keeping with the area. Readers with long memories may recall a proposal I mentioned to build a hotel complex a little further up the river at Clarence Mill two years ago almost to the day [ 2 ]; well nothing has come of that little plan either.