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Rag-and-bone man

29 Jul
Moving with the times the rag-and-bone trade has gone from scavenging through old rags and bones to the scrap metal trade. Here’s a long suffering horse puling a precarious load and no fewer than four passengers on Clough Road. No doubt this load was heading for Lord & Midgley’s  scrap yard at the other end of Clough Road.

Cottingham fashion week

25 Feb
The latest in equine garb on display showing the traditional through to the more risqué …

Our great deliverer ….

24 May
This ridiculous piece of Whig triumphalism stands in Market Place, Lowgate, Hull. Strangely, like the Victoria monument, this too overlooks a public convenience. Is this a Hull thing? Do other cities pee under their royals?
The inscription on the plinth reads “This statue was erected in the year MDCCXXXIV, to the memory of King William, our great deliverer”. It doesn’t say what he delivered ….