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Hull History Centre

29 Oct

I showed you the other end of this building a few weeks back and frankly I hadn’t given the place much thought ’til I took a little walk around the area and stumbled across this opportunity for a reflection shot. The building stands in a small garden and the trees are turning a delicious golden hue.
There’s also a big yellow toad but you can see that here


Hull History Centre, Worship Street

18 Aug

This air conditioned little delight holds all Hull’s historical archives in one place for the first time.
From their website “The History Centre brings together the material held by the City Archives and Local studies Library with those held by the University of Hull. These include the City’s borough archives, dating back to 1299 and amongst the best in the country; records relating to the port and docks of Hull; papers of companies and organisations reflecting Hull’s maritime history; papers of noteable individuals including Andrew Marvell, Philip Larkin, Amy Johnson and William Wilberforce; records relating to local and national politics and pressure groups; and over 100,000 photographs, illustrations; maps and plans, newspapers, special collections and reference sources relating to Hull and the East Riding.”