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Going right round the houses

10 Mar

The cars down below were aiming to get on the road up above and had to go the scenic route right through old town; but thanks to these traffic lights they were crawling along at less than walking speed. I hope they enjoyed the culture while they were waiting. This was the scene yesterday and I hear there is another gridlock in town right now but that’s just normal for a Friday.

Stretching things

2 Nov

There’s really nothing new in this picture, the mural you’ve seen before, the bridge and the flood defence ditto; even the pigeon has probably popped up in a few postings. The site behind the mural which was going to be a twenty storey cigarette box or hotel has been sold to an unknown buyer, that is to say unknown to me. This is a panorama shot stitched together then squeezed in sideways and stretched in height just to give a strange view of a really flat scene. You don’t have to like it.

I’m feeling a little wrung out and stretched as well as this household is getting over a wretched weekend of vomiting and diarrhoea caused by some virus, bug or other microbeastie whose vile little existence is either proof of ongoing evolution and adaptation or God’s mysterious and divine plan. Sucks either way.

2 High Sttreet

23 May

I don’t why it has two doors maybe the first wasn’t wide enough. Anyhow not so very long ago this place looked like this; so it’s scrubbed up nicely hasn’t it.

Hanse Day

14 May
Hull likes to have a little party every now and again in and around High Street celebrating its past whether Georgian or in this case its links with the Hanseatic League back in the middle ages. Whatever is celebrated the result is folk dressing up in period costumes and lots of stalls selling mediaeval pancakes and so on. The guy above was telling a story, a fairy story about a girl spinning straw into gold who marries a king but who must guess the name of the imp who helped her else he’ll take her first born child away….but you know how it is some people just can’t keep their big mouths shut: “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll go to the king’s house, nobody knows my name, I’m called ‘Rumpelstiltskin'” (and yes, we all what that means, thank you)
He was good at telling his tale but I guess the kiddies already knew the ending; they looked terribly bored …

The apothecary’s hat kept coming off in the wind.

A small replica of a trading boat.
Some Hanseatic high fashion.

Red and Blue

5 Apr

This is an old trader’s warehouse on High Street that was converted for use as a restaurant some time back. Quite why it’s not being used at this moment I don’t know, perhaps the neighbours didn’t like the colour scheme…

A developing picture

2 Mar

Yet another here’s-how-it’s coming-along image, this stitched together from about eight shots taken from the end of High Street. The second and third buildings are coming along nicely, all just tickety-pickety-boo!. 
Further good news, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that the multi-storey hotel planned for just behind where I took this is now definitely no longer going to be built; the planning consent has expired and the site is for sale. So if you want to buy about an acre of development land in the centre of the city of culture now’s your chance; just watch out for the crows.

In the pink

4 Sep

To mark the Hull Freedom Festival  Ye olde black boy  on High Street has been painted pink (temporarily, I hasten to add, it’s a listed building and so on and so forth….) Further the question “Does Kolour (sic) Matter?” has been asked. I leave that up to you. I draw your attention to the handsome window boxes, always a  favourite in these parts.