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The Erstwhile Bank

24 Jan

In what estate agents might call a prime location on the junction of Hallgate and King Street here is the building formerly known as HSBC. If this does not become a trendy wine bar and/or  restaurant in the next few months I’ll be very surprised. It seems the big boys are closing branches up and down the country. HSBC are closing two branches in town including the Whitefriargate one. While Cottingham still has three other banks that folks can use some villages and even small towns have no banks at all which I imagine is a right pain if you’re a pensioner with limited mobility and no understanding the web or if you’re trying to run a shop and run out of change. 

That Fryday Feeling

2 Sep

It’s Happy Laughing Friday, as my old dad used to say, the start of the weekend. There’s some kind of festival thing going on in town so I might pop out and see what’s what tomorrow if it doesn’t rain …