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Only God can judge us…

26 Sep

…or so says this somewhat philosophical Polish graffiti near Barmston Drain. It makes a change from the psychedelic colour splashes found further along, it’s just possible the empty cider can may have played some part in inspiring this message.


Window Pain

6 Sep

I guess an eatery by the name of Roosters Plaice (sic) might not be to everyone’s taste and so it came to pass that the business closed several years ago. Since when it’s been empty and, as is the style in these parts, it has attracted the attention of those who think creation comes through destruction. I heard of plans for a gym for this building on Princes Avenue but that was some time ago and it’s still empty.

4 Octavia X

16 May

Now I maintain this is meant to be a dog but Margot insists it’s feline and looks a lot like our dear departed old cat Lulu (a ginger tom and a lot better looking than this old brute). Whatever it is it’s on a wall on Beverley Road near Kingston Youth Centre. I hope Octavia was impressed.


23 Apr

In England, on this St George’s Day, down the leafy lanes of Cottingham it  is heartening to find the Bard’s innovative use of language is still finding a voice among the oppressed youth. Innit Blud! (as they often say in these parts)

Dante woz ‘ere

12 Apr

Being the city of culture has obviously brought out the more literary minded graffiti types. This apt warning is on the site of the Department for Work and Pensions medical centre on Stanley Street.

Let us spray

16 Feb

Some creative spraying has been going on in the old fruit market area. This, on Pier Street, is by a “collective of Hull based aerosol graffiti artists, mural painters and urban decorators available for hire”. I hope they have other colours besides green maybe you can ask them by going here.

Slo-mo demolition

6 Sep

You’ve seen those demolition videos where a whole block comes down at the push of a button and lies in a neat little heap ready to be swept up and taken away; well this ain’t like that at all. The old Clarence Mill is coming down but brick by brick and at this rate we’ll still be here by Christmas. Complaints have been received that rubble is falling in the river and causing pollution. This is denied, of course, but the public walkway used to have a safety fence recently erected and that has been crushed by bricks so if some were to have fallen in the river it would hardly be a surprise. There’s still a section of wall that runs along a busy road; it’ll be fun pulling that down without injury or damage. I’ve recorded some graffiti for posterity, if you look real close you can see someone (SP) has even tagged the very top of the tower.