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Gold Medal Post Box, Hessle Road

29 Aug

Can it really be five years since I posted about the golden phone box outside the unemployment office? It had been painted gold after some local lad won a gold medal in the boxing at the London Olympics. I knew they’d also painted a pillar box gold somewhere on Hessle Road but had not come across it until now. OK I admit I wasn’t really looking very hard, boxing, Olympics not really being my thing … Well anyway here it is looking in need of new coat of the gold stuff. There’s a wee plaque on the side that tells you all about it. It says … well you can read it yourself.

The pillar box itself has the monogram of King Edward VII so dates between 1901 and 1910, the boom years of Hessle Road.

The man with the golden scroll

5 Feb

There was idle talk sometime back of moving this column back to its original place by Monument Bridge but, surprisingly, wise heads prevailed and it’s staying where it is. However this being the year of culture the scroll, held for so many years in old William Wilberforce’s right hand, has been given a coating of gold leaf. So if your click on the picture to enlarge it and peer, possibly with the help of a magnifying glass, you might just about make out the most useless adornment to a statue in many a long year.