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Thirst quencher

28 Apr

It’s been a bit of dry spell for this blog;  here’s a little something to be going on with. It seems the new fashion is to disparage plastic bottles and the lovely sugary confections that they contain. Folk are having their colas, fruit drinks and lemonades taxed or replaced with vile artificially sweetened substitutes (all for their own good you understand, adult choice having been outsourced to  HMRC) and being led by the nose (and other sensitive parts) to drink water from their recycled plastic bottles. So in keeping with this nagging and nannying the local water company have splashed out on this fountain on King Edward Street and a couple of other places. Of course it cannot just be a simple drinking fountain it has to be an oasis with attendant sculptures (I believe that was the word used). It all brings to my mind a saying of my long departed mother: ” Water only made one man and the wind blew him over” …


3 Jan

A couple of Hully things cropped up in the news while I was away. First Hull was declared the second worst town in the UK. The source for this sensational news was a survey by some folk calling themselves LadBible (“Redefining Entertainment & News For a Social Generation”, no, me neither!) clearly this is nonsense and caused uproar and upset in the City of Culture as a) Hull is not a crap town but a crap city (there’s no shortage of parochial pedants in this place) and b) Hull is definitely the worst place in the UK, coming second is not an option.
The second incredible snippet of news was the estimate of 3.5 million people attending events during the Year of Culture. Given that this came from Hull City Council who could hardly be said to be impartial observers let alone capable of counting over twenty, this figure is open to some doubt. Still even if we take this figure and look at the break down for individual events say the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the Blade, the porcelain poppies and a handful of other shows soaked up well over 3 million visitors (allegedly). But, and here is yet another incredible (or amazing as they called everything last year, if it wasn’t amazing it was stunning …) fact, there were 2000 events put on over the year. I kid you not, 2000! So by the figures of Hull City Council the vast majority of these cultural events must have attracted two men and (perhaps) a dog. 
Now I’m a trusting sort of guy and if a statement is made to effect that nearly one million folk visited the Blade in its seventy day stay in Queen Vic Square I’m not going to do some back-of-a-fag-packet calculation that this means 600 per hour visited the colossal thing, 10 a minute or roughly the normal number of folk crossing the square at any one time… Also I passed under it dozens of times and must, I suppose, have been counted dozens of times… But I don’t want to start off the new year in this suspicious mood. Hull City Council are fine and trustworthy folk as trusty as this picture of the Rose Bowl Gardens.

On second thoughts

15 Sep
For the sake of civic virtue
They’ve got fountains there that squirt you…
Now that the summer is all but over and  the leaves are starting to think about submitting to gravity and there’s a little bit of a chill in the air, the screaming kids have gone back to school and are no longer treating Queen Victoria Square as a public showering place and playground maybe now, on reconsideration, this fountain thing is not so bad after all.

(Margot played no small role in this picture in so far as she clicked the shutter, I took it upon myself to play with it thereafter.)
The weekend in black and white is here.

Sudden Elegancies

17 Aug

Hull has its own sudden elegancies.
Philip Larkin 

The fiddling around by the Council with Queen’s Gardens does mean that there is this view of the Maritime Museum, the fountain and City Hall in the distance.


31 Jul

I’m told it means You Only Live Once. It’s how the youth of today communicate with one another. IKR too busy to use words, poor darlings. 

Today’s first of the month City Daily Photo theme is ‘Young at heart

Margot took this. We are both still searching for our inner adult. TTFN as we used say back in the day.

Rosebowl Fountain one more time

20 Jul

I’ve shown this fountain several times before. I like it, that’s a good enough reason for me to post it again

The weekend in black and white is here.

As the evening sky grew dark

23 Dec

There you go; tree, lights and an illuminated fountain. Who says I don’t do Xmas?