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Finkle Streets

21 Jan

There are lots of Finkle Streets scattered among towns in the north of England. No-one is quite sure what ‘finkle’ means but the current best guess is a corner, bend or elbow; Finkle Streets tending to have an bend in them at some point. I know it sounds a bit tenuous but I don’t make the rules. There’s always an exception and Finkle Street in Cottingham is as straight as a Roman road. This Finkle Street runs or rather ran from old Mytongate (now the Castle Street/A63 dual carriageway) to Blanket Row and beyond where it bent round to the Humber. It’s now nothing at all really and you wouldn’t know it was there; there’s no street sign or buildings or anything to let you know it existed. I only stumbled upon it and its history by reading an excellent little article by a local historian.