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12 Floréal CCXXIII

30 Apr

“The French Revolution caused great loss of life, liberty, fraternity, etc., and was, of course, a Good Thing, since the French were rather degenerate at the time; but Napoleon now invented a new Convention that the French should massacre all the other nations and become top nation, and this, though quite generate, was a Bad Thing.”
Sellar & Yeatman, 1066 and all that
Next Thursday the voters of this land go to chose members of one of the most successful revolutionary institutions in the world. Yes I do mean Parliament, which was formed to restrain Plantagenet excesses,  and which has led two revolutions, beheading one king and overthrowing another and creating the means to hold Government to account. Well that’s what it says in the textbooks and they wouldn’t lie to me would they? Obviously all thought of revolution has gone out of the place, I hear the old building is nearly falling down (perhaps with the members still inside, perish that seditious thought!). But we live in troubled times, so they say, and this next parliament could see the exit from the EU, the break up of the UK and the immiseration of millions. Or not, as the case may be. Probably not, but I doubt heads will fall in any case that’s not the style these days instead a place in the Lords awaits any failed minister.
Personally I’ll just sit here and watch the river flow, I hear Chelsea will win the Premier League this year, Hull look like staying up and did you see England win the cricket the other day, and will it be a Royal boy or girl and ain’t it cold for Spring?

Today’s image for the City Daily Photo theme of Revolution is from a ghost ride at Hull Fair, a celebration for the local yokels of things going round and round and getting nowhere at their own expense.


Hull Fair and all the fun thereof

17 Oct
Round and round it comes again the Autumnal forced fun fest. Hull Fair, centuries old, seemingly never changing and just as noisy, smelly and tedious as ever.

At least old Balou was still there and not remotely impressed by all the goings on.
All pictures by Margot K Juby ‘cos I had a bad foot and was in no mood to take pictures of this stupid thing, I just tweaked them a tad.

Hook a duck

8 Aug

To entertain the young ones (or possibly their parents) during the long vacation a funfair of sorts has sprung up outside St Stephens. Judging by the lack of customers it seems they all have better things to do.

A little splash of colour

6 Apr

I’ve just realised that the other day when I said they were making ready for the tourists to pour in that  in fact they were repairing damage done by last year’s tidal surge that flooded Bridlington especially around the harbour. The water came over the harbour wall and into the little shops and cafes that line the harbour. 
So to today’s post which is the Bayside funfair, which, at the risk is of appearing to kick someone when they’re down is hardly the most fun place on the planet. I know it’s pre-season but it seems that a quite a few of the rides that were there are no longer; the water slide, for example, torn down for health and safety reasons so I’ve heard. Well maybe it was just the dull weather and things will brighten up …

But what’s all this in East Park?

31 Oct

As if the good folks of Hull haven’t just had a whole week of fun fairs another mini-fair springs up on my favourite tree lined avenue. Something to do with Hallowe’en and all that jazz no doubt. Well it was only a tiny part of the park used up so I suppose I mustn’t grumble much.

The word tacky seems the most accurate description of  fun fairs.

I thought this land train was particularly tasteful.

Hull Fair

18 Oct

So, at long last, we reach Hull Fair which in one form or another has been going on for 720 or so years and is the largest travelling fair in Europe. Apart from this year bringing with it typical Hull Fair weather, cold, wet and windy the fair seemed to my delicate ears to be the loudest ever with every ride turning up the volume to 11. Here’s a selection taken at dusk, the fair goes on till late at night but as I think I’ve mentioned before I’m not allowed out after dark ….

So that’s Hull Fair over for another year.

Welcoming signs

17 Oct

Before we get to the Fair we must pass the KC Stadium. Up close the stadium is an ugly brute reminiscent of an overgrown steel can without any of the charm. Hull council splashed out £44 million for this monster in West Park nearly eleven years ago when times were much, much easier than now and the Council was flush with cash from the sale of the local telephone company. The stadium is home to two teams, the Premier League Hull City and the rugby league Hull Football Club, but as neither spherical nor elliptical balls interest me that much I’ve never been inside and besides they won’t let me take my camera in ….(I’ve just checked and the cheapest tickets for an adult to watch a soccer match is £22. The last match I went to, admittedly going on for 35 years ago, cost less than £3 and I got to see Liverpool beat, I believe, Manchester City 5-0. Kenny Dalgleish scored a hat trick. I think that’s enough footy for now.)


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