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Election? What election?

7 Jun

For the last fifty days the country has been gripped by the democratic process, millions enthralled by the choices before them, the enormous responsibility of choosing the next government … or rather it has not been any of these things. I do not recall an election with so little interest being shown, so few posters in windows, so few leaflets (I’ve had nothing from the Labour lot for the second election running, I think they aren’t trying), or hustings or meetings of any kind whatsoever. If it wasn’t for the TV/media constantly going on about it you’d never know there was an election going on at all. (What if it was all fake news after all and there really isn’t an election? How would we know? …) It’s as if everyone really knows these campaigns change nothing so no-one is paying attention. So for what it’s worth my prediction is the Tories will win by at least forty seats quite possibly by many more, not the silly landslide predicted fifty long days ago but easily enough. Oh and Diana Johnson will win as well; this is Hull; donkeys with red rosettes win in Hull.

Tell me the old, old story

22 May
Tell me the old, old story,
  Of unseen things above,
Of Jeremy and His glory,
  Of Labour and Its love
Tell me the story simply,
  As to a little child,
For I am weak and weary,
  And helpless and defiled.

Tell me the same old story,
Sell me the same old view,
Tell me the stale old story,
 For the many not the few.

Over in east Hull the Labour Party treats its constituents like infants who should always keep a-hold of Nurse, for fear of finding something worse. And yet in east Hull and some other Labour places they seem to lap it up. I went to see Jeremy Corbyn at a meeting in town on Monday evening in Zebedee’s yard. I say I went but I did not stay and did not get to see the would be Prime Minister and hero of the working man. Zeb’s Yard is a horrible cramped place, totally unsuitable for a meeting. The goofy bearded loon or Great Leader of The Most Advanced & Unified Labour Party turned up half an hour late according the paper and still the large mass of deluded fools, sorry that should read devoted believers, comrades and acolytes, hung around for yet another thirty minutes before no doubt he incanted the ritual benediction: “For the many not the few”. Verily J C makes them whole.

Mrs May (“strong and stable”) in the poster is shown with Mrs Thatcher’s hair style. That’s just so original, so subtle! She is being a total mean bitch; taking dinners from hungry school kids and telling pensioners they’ll have to pay for their care out of the forced sale of their homes (neatly and rightly labelled a dementia tax) and wants to bring back fox hunting, in short saying the kind of nasty things you only say if you know you can’t lose and she won’t. When pressed she crumbles and stutters and seems to back track; she and the rest of this government are clearly not up to the job of leading anything but nevertheless she’ll win by a country mile. You see for the rest of the country the idea of Jeremy Corbyn as PM brings out that old fear of finding something worse…
My apologies to Katherine Hankey.  

Vote grey today!

7 May

So it’s finally here, the happy, glorious day. After six weeks or so what is called campaigning the great demos get to vote for their favourite teddy bear, no sorry member of parliament. I know of no-one who has changed their minds in this time, so maybe they could just cut out the BS and get down to the X on paper time in a couple of weeks.
It’s roughly midday on Thursday 7th and already I can tell you the result in this constituency and the neighbouring three, without a vote being counted. The Tory will win where I live, Haltemprice and Howden. Tories have won in this constituency since the 1830’s without fail. It’s the second safest Tory seat in the country in this regard. Consequently I shall not be bothering to make a choice or rather I shall write in ‘None of the above’. In the three Hull constituencies Labour will win as they have done since the 1960’s. Does this remind anyone of the old rotten and pocket boroughs? Well it does to me. 
When it’s all over then the horse trading starts and that might be passably interesting/entertaining with the present lot appointed by a Civil Service coup in 2010 (and voted for by no-body, let’s be clear) claiming the other lot lack legitimacy. Pots and kettles! And when it all falls apart we’ll be back here again within a year with any luck.  This is why it’s known as the Mofo of Parliament.