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Some geese and a couple of manky mallards

4 Oct

I know, I mean, well manky is not a nice word but it seems among British birdwatching folks these beautiful mallard hybrids have been given this disparaging soubriquet, manky mallards. Maybe that says more about the birdwatchers than these individuals.

Manky, moi?

This guy was the size of a goose. Who are you calling manky?


Exit pursued by a duck

22 Mar

The little arena cum stage in the old dry dock has wet land areas at each end with planting and clearly this sheltered spot is just the place for ducks. If this place hasn’t got a name yet, and I haven’t heard that it has, why not call it the Daze; it’s still tagged that way. 

You looking at me?

11 Mar

In town on Wednesady the weather was, well, good weather for ducks shall we say. I could see the front one was eyeing me up but then I noticed the back one was as well. All of which led Margot to give me my new word for the day:


The well based fear that somehow, no matter where you are or what you are doing, a duck is always watching you….

Have a nice day!

Pochard Confusion

6 Feb
Common Pochard ♂

I know you will have been worrying about this all day long and so, by way of clarification, Pochards in this country come in two varieties, common and red crested. In France however pochards are not ducks at all which reminds me à propos de rien that in the Lake District there’s a pub called the Drunken Duck. I think that’s enough ducks for one day.

Red Crested Pochard ♂ & ♀

First time for everything

27 May

Maybe they do it all the time, this sitting on a roof thing, and I have just failed to register it. Anyhow here’s my first and positively last picture of a duck on a roof.

Bit of birdwatching

25 Nov

This time of year East Park lake becomes the home for about twenty or so goosanders and every year I go along to take some pictures. And every year they stay just too far away for anything you might like to call a decent shot. (Yeah, I know, invest in a bigger lens …) So I turn to the never knowingly shy black-headed gulls for my picture of the day. Below the best I could manage of those darn ducks.

Up tails all!

3 Sep