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Lime green and diarrhoea

13 Feb

The Drypool Bridge might have thought that it could escape the attentions of the C of C nonsense but no, it is undergoing repainting and the scheme has something, some tenuous thing, to do with John Venn (he of those damn diagrams). Mr Venn, in case you were unaware had the misfortune to be born in Hull, but possessed enough sense to leave as soon as possible and never come back. Any how riding on the back of the supposed kudos of being the place where he popped out the Culture Loons are taking him hostage as a “Born & Bred in Hull” figure of note. Almost all these B & B in H figures made their names elsewhere but that’s a mere detail to the marketing man. (You can buy “Born & Bred in Hull” mugs and T-shirts should you wish but you are far too sensible to do so.)  So with Venn in mind this bridge, I suppose, represents the intersection of the set of bridges needing a coat of paint and the set of bridges in a one horse town taken over by desperate need to gain fame by association. I hope people like the colour scheme, a mixture of lime green and diarrhoea, as it’s planned to last for twenty five years.

A bit of a mess

9 Oct

I’m afraid this post is a bit of a mess, basically just a pile of snaps of the ongoing demolition of the Clarence Mills. There’s not a lot to add to what I’ve already said about this. So just excuse the mess and make of it what you will.
The weekend in black and white is here, all being well.

Top notch!