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BBC Proms at the stage in the dock

28 Jul
I mentioned that last Saturday that along with the Hull Folk Festival Hull was also host to the BBC Proms held at the little stage in the old dry dock. Those without tickets could listen from the footbridges at each end or turn on the radio or download it from the wonderful web.

Classical music may not be to everyone’s taste and I captured the leader of Hull City Council making a early getaway; perhaps Morris dancing was more his thing. I’m sure he’d cut a fine figure dancing a jig in a shirt and baldrics with knee-length breeches and bell pads or more likely just playing the fool.

Stages of development

15 Feb

I was happy to find that the little pathway that runs alongside the old dry dock has been re-opened so I could have a wander along there this afternoon. As I mentioned in an earlier post some construction is under way in the dry dock. This is to be a small open air stage/amphitheatre for events during the Year of Culture, I don’t have to tell you how enthusiastically this has been received amongst those who like to troll the local newspaper. Personally I think it’s a grand idea and will entertain many on those warm evenings that Hull is especially noted for, between the end of June and the start of July. As well as a stage there’s to be reed beds planted at each end for that eco-friendly look that is so in vogue these days.

While I was away

10 Feb

I’ve only been into town once in about two months or so, so I missed the official opening of this, the C4DI building, that is going to be the fountain of so many brilliant ideas that we will all live happily ever after in a digital wonderland. While the future maybe bright the once gleaming brass skin is already going a bit grubby, sorry, that should read gaining an impressive patina. Work is well under way on the rest of the site and the old dry dock is finally dry with some sort of construction going on in it.


31 May

The new  C4DI building is coming along nicely and is due to open in October.

Making a start

11 Sep

The public pathway by the river has reopened now that they’ve finished knocking down whatever buildings stood in the way and work on the C4DI thing at the old dry dock goes on its merry way. Scaffolding down to the floor of the dock is a development though I’d be a tad wary of that dock gate patched up as it is with bits of wood and expanding foam. Still it’s not visibly leaking. (The circus tent in the background was to do with the Freedom Festival event that this year attracted thousands more than ever before)

Rusty bits

1 Sep

This is part of the C4DI redevelopment of the dry dock that I’ve mentioned so many times you’re probably bored by it. Since these pictures were taken the rusty leaking old lock gates have now been patched up and the dock is now dry at long last. Unfortunately the little pathway that runs around the river edge was closed as they take a dim view of hitting passing pedestrians on the noggin with flying debris. 

Today’s first of the month theme for City Daily Photo is ‘Rust and Ruins‘ .

Summer Daze

30 Jul