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4 Octavia X

16 May

Now I maintain this is meant to be a dog but Margot insists it’s feline and looks a lot like our dear departed old cat Lulu (a ginger tom and a lot better looking than this old brute). Whatever it is it’s on a wall on Beverley Road near Kingston Youth Centre. I hope Octavia was impressed.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

25 Apr

…In Rangoon the heat of noon
Is just what the natives shun …

I write this as snow and hail are gently falling like a flensing knife on bare flesh to the merry accompaniment of thunder and lightning. It must therefore be April and springtime.
This crazy muttkin took a fancy to me and jumped in my bag some time so long ago in the warm hazy days of winter.

Rescue of a daft dog

17 Oct

So I’m taking a stroll by Victoria Pier when I notice the Humber Rescue guys climbing up the stairs at the end of the pier and with them a dog. Strange, I thought, what were they doing with a dog. I paid it no more mind until I got home and found the drama behind it all. Some dogs are just plain daft I suppose.

Day of the Dog

31 Aug

Seems I missed Dog Day last Wednesday so here’s a likely mutt that thought I was its owner and ran the whole length of Snuff Mill Lane to meet and greet only to be very disappointed. 

Dog’s Head

10 Jan

The faithful dog – why should I strive 
To speak his merits, while they live 
In every breast, and man’s best friend 
Does often at his heels attend.
The New-York Literary Journal, Volume 4, 1821

This piece of doggerel (well pardon me) is, as far as I can find, the first reference to “man’s best friend” in print. The local rag has it that the East Riding, and Hull in particular, has one of the highest rates of animal cruelty in the country, but then it was quoting the RSPCA, an organisation that is, perhaps, more of a money raising engine than an animal welfare organisation. This old hound was left to wait its master return from the supermarket and, if you’ll allow a little anthropomorphic fancy on this Saturday morning, appears to be regretting its choice of ‘friend’.
There will, I suppose, never be a better opportunity  to post this little song by Alex Glasgow.

The weekend in black and white is waiting here.

Hull Fair and all the fun thereof

17 Oct
Round and round it comes again the Autumnal forced fun fest. Hull Fair, centuries old, seemingly never changing and just as noisy, smelly and tedious as ever.

At least old Balou was still there and not remotely impressed by all the goings on.
All pictures by Margot K Juby ‘cos I had a bad foot and was in no mood to take pictures of this stupid thing, I just tweaked them a tad.