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The Deterrent

8 Jan

On Liberty Lane some recent demolition work has left this quite redundant anti-intruder device hanging in the wind.

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Colour coded demolition

26 Oct

Well there goes the Osborne Street multi-storey car kennel to make way for a newer brighter better one. Also revealed are the colour codes for each floor in case remembering first floor or second floor or whatever was too onerous a task for the poor drivers of this town


2 Oct

It would be remiss of me to allow you to gain the impression that it is all abandonment and decay in the City of Culture, by no means is that the case, oh no sirree! Here the old ambulance station is  being gently pulled apart. The car park, too, is coming down if it doesn’t fall down first. Roper Street, parts of Osborne Street  and much of Waterhouse Lane [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ] are also if not already down then soon to be levelled. Since there was no plan to use these old buildings then by all means knock them down and build afresh. But what to build? The fallout from 2008 put an end to Princes Quay’s planned expansion. So what to do? “Hmmm I know”, says a bright spark at the Council (I’m in a generous mood, we all know there’s very little brightness in that place), “let’s borrow, oh I don’t know, about £36 million and build an arena for “bands” to perform and businesses to hold conferences and such like, (other cities have them so why not Hull?) … and lets put it where access will cause maximum disruption to traffic, and let’s make it too small, and let’s make look like a giant yellow slug erupting from the ground and let’s force it through planning after it’s been rejected and and and … let’s call it, oh I don’t know, something like, erm, Hull Venue; how about that for an idea?” See I told you it’s not at all doom and gloom.

These delightful images “borrowed” from the Hull Daily Mail.

Riverside rubble

13 May

I think we can say the old Clarence Mill is now gone, well it ain’t coming back. But where did those nice trees spring from …

Demolition beasts

6 May

The old central fire station, or rather the back portion of it, is no more thanks to the quick work of these magnificent  machines. The front bit which I posted a few days ago is going to stay as it’s protected. There’s other work going on with the next door New Theatre which I’ll show some other time.

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9 Apr

Last time I posted about the Clarence Mill it was half pulled down and well on its way to being a fully cleared site. Well you won’t be at all surprised that nothing is ever so straight forward in this wonderful town. I’d already mentioned how slow the demolition was, well ‘slow’ turned into ‘stopped altogether’. Shortly after I posted the contractors, who apparently hadn’t been paid for some time, walked off the site and nothing happened for several months. A few weeks ago work started again and so we are down now to this stump and a huge pile of bricks. So what do you reckon? Another year before this place is finally cleared? Or maybe two?
The weekend in black and white is here.

Keep on smiling

17 Feb

Also while I was away the Council finally took a big deep breath and blew down the New York hotel, well maybe a JCB was involved, but anyway it’s gone leaving this impressive pile of bricks and dozens of homeless pigeons. The building had only been empty for fifteen years and in a state of terminal decay for nigh on eight so this is really quick stuff from HCC, verging on the impetuous. (maybe I should go away more often) The bill for demolition is thought to be well over £250,000 which the Council thinks it will get back from the owners … I think I know who is smiling after all this.