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Reflections on wind power

7 Aug

If you follow the path round the park it goes behind a thicket of trees and bushes emerging at a large pond. It’s a fishing pond and there were anglers trying their luck from the bank. Where there’s water there’s reflections and with a 400ft windmill lurking in the background who could resist?

Pushing on further down a path through the trees brings you out on the banks of the river Hull. Here you can see how the generator stands well apart from the factory it serves, I guess in case it falls over.


Wind Power

6 Aug
The park I mentioned yesterday has a rather large neighbour,  the Croda wind powered generator. I’ve shown you this before ages ago but that was a distant shot. Up close it’s really over powering. At over 400 feet in height it’s almost as tall as the Reckitt chimney and is visible across the city. I was surprised by how quiet it was but then it wasn’t a very windy day and it was only turning slowly. There’s a certain elegance about it as well but would I want to live near it? Not really.

Some more (colour) shots of this tomorrow.

Industry in Hull

15 Oct
This is the Croda chemical works a mile or so upstream from the mouth of the Hull. It was from a lab on this site that Lorenzo’s Oil was developed. The plant is essential a massive distillation unit separating oils from crushed seeds. A couple of years ago they put up a massive wind turbine which I showed you here.

These pictures were taken by Margot Juby which explains why they’re better than I usually post.