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Unique pile of bricks and old crane

6 Mar

I’ve shown this riverside building before. It used to be a buoy shed for Trinity House but it’s been empty for a while and looks (as it always has) like it might just slide into the river any day. Any how it’s up for sale so you can buy a piece of Hull that no-one can find a use for and get to play with that really rare swan neck crane; go on you know you want to.

Under Construction

22 Feb

Next door to the New Theatre I showed yesterday is the site of a new school or University Technical College to give it its fancy name. The last time I was around here, in May last year,  they had been in the process of demolishing bits of the old fire station so they’ve come on a bit since then.

The Truth is out there

29 Jun
They are building something on Newgate Street in Cottingham (a residential care home I’m told but I don’t really care). Naturally they need a crane, a really big crane. 
As it’s a tall thing it has a red light on top to warn passing aircraft I suppose. After a while this is spotted by someone (who may or may not have under the influence of the demon drink) in Hull a mile or so away and reported in the paper as a UFO… but, but, but he sputters it’s not just one light there’s another in the east, yup, that’ll be the cranes at the University . It’s sobering to think that the fate of nations is in the hands of people who cannot tell a crane from a flying saucer.


30 Jun

I think the heat may be getting to me and it’s only the first day of what is billed (by weather people with big smiles you would love to hit with a wet fish) as a heatwave. Well I know 28°C is hardly going to cook your brains but I do NOT do hot. I’ll probably aestivate if it carries on much longer… 

Big Lifter

26 Jun

The mess that is Humber Street clearly requires some heavy lifting and in a narrow street a big crane has to go up and over both sides to get the new metal work in place. Even with this machine the street will no doubt still be an array of scaffolding and supports by the time of the Humber Street Sesh in August when thousands will descend upon it in search of entertainment.