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It’s da Green Manalishi with the two prong crown

14 Nov

The relentless principle of monetising every inch of space has reared its ugly head again in the aspirant city of culture. On what was an open area with seating there has now been plonked, a big glass box with a ridiculous double-projecting roof. The purpose of this structure is the sale of warm water infused with the dust of the beans of the coffee plant. Yup, yet another coffee shop.

Can’t stand the heat

21 Apr

I have mentioned from time to time that Hull is filling up with places to drink coffee. It seems that there is now so much competition that this outlet is due to close on Sunday. From what I gather (and bear in mind I don’t drink the stuff) this firm specialises in particularly weak, insipid brews, indeed their product was so poorly received by UK customers they had to double the strength of the lattes. So for aficionados¬†of the bean it will be no great loss and there still remains a branch in St Stephens. No doubt another coffee shop will take its place before too long.

…quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum.

3 Apr

A new coffee hole on King Edward Street is a blessing, I was beginning to worry in case there weren’t enough to satisfy the cravings of the poor in spirit. This one claims to be independent unlike the one next door. It has seating upstairs no doubt with the very Gods themselves. Oh and the view is as I posted just the other day. Heavenly, almost.
The weekend in black and white is sipping a latte over here.


25 Nov

…and what to do with an old office building? Why not turn it into yet another outlet for that cultural delight that is coffee? Whether or not this is the real McCoy I couldn’t say. OK that’s enough coffee shops for now, I don’t even drink the stuff … give me a nice cup of tea anyday.

Hardy Souls

11 Mar

This was taken last week when the fog rolled in from the Humber. Temperature then was a balmy 3 or 4C. Today it’s 0C with a wind that makes it feel like -3 or -4C and there’s a dusting of snow to cheer things up.

My bank’s become a trendy wine bar ….

11 May
This is a detail from the rather elegant building below. It was for years a bank and survived the air raids that destroyed many buildings in the centre of Hull during the WW2. It could not however survive the changes in fashion and it has now become a outlet for some international chain of caffeine vendors.