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There’s joy in repetition

1 Aug

City Daily Photo’s start of the month theme is “My City’s Skyline“. I’ve done several skyline shots over the years and after looking through my extensive collection I still think this one is the best I’ve taken. Only thing is I posted it about six years ago, ah but you won’t remember that now, will you?

Ice cream castles in the air

29 Mar

I’ve taken dozens of these shots down the Humber from this point or nearby. I post this one just because I liked that cloud and for no other reason.

Sunshine and Sea

15 Oct

Well not much sunshine to be honest as the wind that has been blowing in al the way from Russia for the last week brings with it cloud and spits and spots of rain from off the warmish North Sea (everything is relative!). Here’s Bridlington south beach this afternoon, Brid hasn’t changed much in the year since we last visited except for a new development which I’ll post on another day.

The iconic view from from Sammy’s Point

3 Aug

I don’t know if you local paper has a buzz word that it uses over and over despite the writer not having a clue what the word means. With the local rag here that word is ‘iconic’. So every old building becomes iconic, bridges become iconic, fried mashed potato patties become iconic, the very snot from kid’s noses is a runny green iconic splurge. So, in the manner of the iconic Hull Daily Mail, we have here on the left in the background the iconic Humber Bridge, moving across Hull’s iconic water front, the soon-to-be iconic C4DI building, the obviously iconic Holy Trinity, the newly iconic Millennium Bridge and the gloriously iconic Tidal Barrier. I’m standing in front of the iconic Deep and I realise I forgot to mention the iconic River Hull and iconic Humber with attendant iconic mud. Those clouds passing by, yup, part of the iconic Hull sky …

Stylish nonsense

1 Jun

As the winner of several design awards the Scale Lane bridge has many of the attributes of stylishness. It was hideously expensive, looks like someone’s doodling made real and serves no useful purpose other than to amuse Hull’s hardy tourists.
I noticed after I had taken this that the demolition of the Clarence flour mill in the background has begun, I was guilty of looking at the clouds and not at what was in front of my nose.

City Daily Photo’s monthly theme is ‘Stylish

Rusty railings

21 May

With some time to spare before an appointment a small diversion along Park Street may not be everyone’s idea of entertainment but there a few things to catch the eye and pass the time. 

Ocean Seeker

3 Jan

Maybe it’s just me but watching ships carry out intricate manoeuvres in a fast flowing current attempting to get into a narrow dock gate there always the vague wish, no that’s too strong a word, idea maybe, lurking at the back of your mind they might, I don’t know, overshoot or run into the bank or some such. There’s probably a word for it: schadenfreude infantilis or some such.  Thankfully it never happens, at least not while I’m standing there taking pictures. This survey ship made its stately way up stream then halted and performed a very smooth almost balletic right-angled turn to enter Albert Dock. No bumps, no scrapes, no fun at all.
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