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Sudden Elegancies

17 Aug

Hull has its own sudden elegancies.
Philip Larkin 

The fiddling around by the Council with Queen’s Gardens does mean that there is this view of the Maritime Museum, the fountain and City Hall in the distance.


Finishing Touches

30 Mar

The public works were due to be finished today but to no-one’s great surprise some bits and bobs are running a tad late. So we’ll have to wait till mid-April for the fancy fountains in Queen Vicky Square; such a shame as I was really, really, really looking forward to them …….

The elephant in the room

20 Feb

Hull was and still is to some extent noted for its fine Victorian and Edwardian architecture, though many buildings were demolished in the War and shortly after to make way for 1950’s drabness. Some of the finest remaining buildings are here in Queen Victoria Square.

The statement from our sponsors

13 Jan

The City of Culture thing is under way as I may have mentioned. The year is being financed by ‘partners’ or sponsors in common parlance. The old saying “he who pays the piper calls the tune” mostly definitely applies to what you see before you. Siemens manufacture wind turbines in an old dock out in the badlands of east Hull and being a major sponsor, sorry partner, they get to plonk, sorry (again) tastefully place their produce in the town square. Oh to be sure it’s officially a sculpture or an installation or whatever by the name of “The Blade” but anyone can see this is just product placement gone barmy. I won’t bore you with statistics of size and weight and so on since I know you won’t be impressed, let’s just say it’s big and intrusive and leave it at that. And you certainly don’t want to know how it got here, let’s just say the fairies left it overnight. The natives, however, seem mightily pleased with their gift from the gods and go up to it and touch it as if it wasn’t real, all very odd, still if it keeps them happy I suppose it does no harm.

Somewhere there’s a team of engineers who must be very pleased with their work.

Did I mention it was bloody big?

It may not be art but it makes a good place for birds to keep an eye on the insanity of this place.

The weekend in black and white is here.

Orange men

2 Dec

Queen Victoria Square was veritable hive of activity as the finishing touches are applied to the multi-million pound make over. We are absolutely assured that it will all be completed this month all that is except the new water features which won’t be activated until Winter is over. I toyed with using this for the ‘transitions’ theme yesterday but I realised that actually nothing much has changed just the size of the brick paving. 
The barriers of course remain and if anything the maze has become even more complicated to pass through. In this picture you can see some of the old paving bricks that somehow have survived. They weren’t pretty. Below the new paving which is more varied but hardly eye-catching and certainly not worth the months of disruption and loss of trade and business.

Poop the coop

1 Nov

Here’s an advertisement for the effectiveness of bird protection measures; they work so well and the birds feel so protected they set up home.
Never thought I’d find a use for what is, in so many ways, a crap photo (taken by Margot I hasten to add) but then along comes City Daily Daily photo and their “out of focus” theme day. Well blame them … they asked for it.

Looks like the back end of a bus

13 May

This is not just any bus parked up outside City Hall, no this is a Beat the Street bus, a luxury coach for the entertainment industry complete with bunks, kitchens, every conceivable mod-con for the comfort and ease of the hard worked artistes. I think the artistes in question were a band known as Texas who come not from the USA but from Glasgow in the newly independent state of Bonnie Scotland.