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Hung with bloom along the bough

10 May

Yes it’s the annual A E Housman memorial post …


To see the cherry hung with snow

12 May

I don’t know if A E Housman ever came to the City of Culture but if he did I’m sure he’d have appreciated these loveliest of trees even if they are on Clough Road which is as far from a woodland ride as you can get.

Margot, who is quite possibly Mr Housman’s number one fan, took this.

Perhaps Wendy Cope is a bigger fan.

I think I am in love with A.E. Housman,
Which puts me in a worse-than-usual-fix.
No woman ever stood a chance with Housman,
And he’s been dead since 1936.

Wendy Cope

No April showers have come our way

18 Apr

WELCOME, wild North-easter!
  Shame it is to see
Odes to every zephyr;
  Ne’er a verse to thee.
Charles Kingsley

Somehow Spring has sprung without me really noticing it. Though it looks nice and sunny the picture cannot begin to describe the slightly nithering north-easter that is flowing across the land giving the feeling of walking through a tub of ice-cream. And it’s been a really dry the droghte of Marche has not been sooted as they used to say.