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The British way of death

12 Jan
Northern Cemetery Chapel, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull
People, it appears, can no longer afford to die. Yes I know they keep on shuffling off without a care but those left behind are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for disposing of the earthly remains. The average cost of dying, that’s including funeral, burial or cremation and state administration, rose last year by over 7% to £7,622 if you believe a survey by an insurance company although that does seem rather a lot. That figure is greater than average savings so you can see how it might distress the bereaved to get into debt over this matter. Clearly someone is making a pile (dare I say they are making a killing, why not?) out of all this; undertakers’ mark-ups on coffins, for example, are  reputed to be 200%!. Then there’s deeds of grant (£25 a year, minimum 10 years payable in advance) and interment fees, in Hull that’s currently £820! And don’t get me talking about wreaths and flowers!  Still you don’t have to fork out all that; there are cut price jobs for under £1000. If you own your own patch of garden you can always go under the roses wrapped in a blanket for that stay-at-home interment, just make sure you’re at least two foot under the sod. 
The chapel here is a grade 2 listed building from the early 1900’s, it’ll cost you a £70 ‘chapel fee’ to hire it! Have a nice day!

Here’s one I did earlier

29 Dec

Somehow this one didn’t get posted in August when I took it. It’s underneath Chanterlands Avenue rail bridge. It was at about this time (and those of you with a weak stomach may wish to leave now) that the local rag ran a story of “inch long maggots” falling from this bridge onto the heads of unsuspecting pedestrians. It seems the rail company (or the Council, it was never clear who) had put up netting to keep pigeons from nesting but which instead trapped said birds (I saw at least two there may have been more) and led to a prolonged death by starvation and with the warm weather an inevitable host of maggots which left the rotting corpse when ready to pupate, falling like some biblical plague on the sinners below. The Council was informed and the Council sent an officer round to inspect and to write a report and then the Council undertook to study the report carefully and the Council said it would take swift and appropriate action should it be deemed necessary …

Autumn Cemetery

21 Oct
Western Cemetery, Chanterlands Avenue
I always these places look at their best in Autumn with a good scattering of leaves and the tree branches just beginning to show through. Another year to cross off …

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore …

13 Oct

I read today that the UK, for its size, has more tornadoes than the US. So, whilst Chanterlands Avenue may not look much like the corn fields of Kansas, Dorothy should still keep a weather eye out for twisters. Why only last August East Hull had one knock down some trees and lift a few roof tiles …
This flagrant breach of copyright is in a stationers on Chanterlands Avenue. It has for sale mugs, tee shirts and other tchotchkes all with ‘Hull’ written somewhere on them, it’s the place to go for your Hull memorabilia … no seriously, stop laughing.

Yellow spoilsports

23 Sep

In these days of safety and dullness it’s hard to remember the days just a dozen or so years ago before spoilers were placed on all the fun bits of town like this little slope from the end of Victoria Avenue down to Chanterlands Avenue. So you might cycle or skateboard too fast down there and end up in the road and be run over, meh! Hardly ever happened and you wouldn’t do it twice would you?.

Le vélo jaune

11 Aug

Bonjour from sunny Hull. The Tour de France, which finished recently in Paris, this year for some reason or other had its Grand Départ in Yorkshire. Cue lots of Yorkshire tourism advertising, lots of God’s own county claptrap and so on and so forth. There can be few things more boring than a professional Yorkshire person gassing on about Yorkshire. Anyhoo this cycling shop not wanting to be left at the back of the peleton and not having any maillots jaunes simply sprayed up an old bike yellow. It does, however, have a red spotted shirt of the ‘king of the mountains’ which is kind of ironic given that Hull is flatter than a flat thing that’s been flattened.

Lurkin’ Toad

7 Jun

If you’re taking a short cut through the cemetery and get that feeling of something not quite right it might just be that giant toad that you glimpsed out of the corner of your eye …
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