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The Moggie and the Maggies …

19 Jul

… or the cat on a cool slate roof.
We were down the Land of Green Ginger the other day when the normal town hubbub was overwhelmed by a loud repetitive cackling from on high. Turns out a cat had entered the roof top domain of two magpies who were, to say the least, displeased by this development. The cat, as cats do, simply ignored all the fuss and went about its business. That’s it really; hardly worth craning your neck to see what was going on.

I think Margot K Juby took this one


Bank Holiday Sunday

3 May
Bruiser is always touched by our presence

…. and a Bank Holiday Monday to come, so many exciting things to see and do ….

Margot took this. And don’t tell me he’s lost most of his teeth he still eats more than is imaginable.

World Cat Day

9 Aug

Yesterday was apparently World Cat Day so here’s Bruiser the local tom and connoisseur of roast chicken’s gristly bits. Go ahead make his day …
Both pictures by Margot K Juby his factotum.

"Lazing on a sunny afternoon … "

26 May

A few years ago Charley abandoned his nice home and caring ‘owners’ two streets down to come and live in our garden and how could we refuse him? He’s an expert ratter and catcher of mice but is prone to act the idiot at times hence his usual name of  Shanny (which means “daft as a brush” in Norfolk but check out the Urban dictionary definition here!).