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The Grasshopper Store

14 Apr

Although there quite a few Polish and Eastern European stores dotted around the outskirts of town especially on Beverley Road and Newland Avenue there are very few in the town centre itself. This one named Pasikonik or Grasshopper is on Carr Lane. It’s a welcome addition to Hull’s shops and provides an alternative to the uniform fare offered by the the chain stores Sainsbury’s, Tesco and so on. I hope we see more like this. If only so I can get my Polskie piwa when in town!


"Buses are running well late"

13 Apr
Carr Lane
I was in town this afternoon on a spot of business and ran into a classic Hull gridlock with buses backed up on Carr Lane, Ferensway full in both directions and Anlaby Road looking like a no-go area as well. Marvellous! And not helped by the road works I mentioned  a week ago. The title is what I overheard a bus company man saying to a frustrated passenger. My bus home took 15 minutes to do 300 yards just leaving the station, even I can walk faster than that with my gammy leg and all.


Junction Carr Lane, Ferensway and Anlaby Road

Carr Lane at sundown

9 Nov

That bus, the number 35, will go on down that road towards the setting sun until it reaches Willerby which I am told is the undiscover’d country, from whose bourn no traveller returns, at least not without a ticket.

Komplete Control

29 Jan

The local phone/internet company’s building has had a bit of a makeover. It used to look like this. Hardly a stunning improvement.
Readers of this blog may be aware that the local football ground is called the KC Stadium. Last week this local monopoly entered into a deal with Hull Kingston Rovers (a rugby league club, m’lud) and in so doing the name of HKR’s ground, Craven Park, will now become KC Lightstream Stadium. Coming soon the deal to change Carr Lane to KC Street and Hull to KC City of Culture (it’s already happening here).

Punch Hotel

27 Jan

The Punch was originally built in the 1840’s ( see old photo here ) but was demolished and rebuilt in grand style in 1896. The exterior is covered in ceramic tiling to give a highly decorative effect. It sits on the corner of Queen Victoria Square between the Ferens art gallery and Carr Lane’s 20th century excrescences. 

Carr Lane

19 Jan

The word ‘carr’ is derived from old Norse kjarr, meaning swamp, and is a waterlogged wooded terrain, a stage in the transformation of wetland to forest. Carr Lane runs west from Queen Victoria Square and its name is a reminder that Hull was once surrounded by boggy marsh land. What you see here is the main entrance to Princes Quay shopping centre and, to the right, a fine example of 1970’s brutalist architecture. Such is the fickle nature of fashion that I can imagine some blogger in the future lamenting its loss.