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22 May

Well that didn’t last long, did it? A year ago I posted about it opening and now it’s gone. Too wacky even for east Hull.

The Sign of the Dancing Goat

20 Mar

This oddly named coffee house is on Beverley Road between Dinos pizza and burger place( “a Healthier alternative” yeah right) and the Newland Christian Centre (doubtless a holier alternative). It is an excellent establishment, so I’ve read, but as you know I don’t touch coffee.

One flew over the Crow’s Nest

8 Jun

Outside this Italian restaurant on Newland Avenue was parked the smallest delivery van I’ve ever seen. This place was a year or so ago called La Perla, new name, new decor and it’s getting good reviews. I’ve seen the menu and like all these places it’s far from cheap for what is essentially pasta with some sauce on top. Thirty years ago this was a greasy spoon of a place by the name of the Crow’s Nest (if I remember me rightly) it specialised in bacon butties and tea served in a pint mug! Autres temps, autres goûts! 

Excellent Cafe

19 Apr

This is the Excellent Cafe on Holderness Road. If your nearest competitor is a branch of that ubiquitous purveyor of burnt cow meat called McDonald then there is, I suppose, little point in being modest. Despite its name the local council rates this place as only average for hygiene and so on; and I’m afraid images of the fare on offer are not quite to my taste. I think I’ll give it a miss.
The weekend in black and white is here.

The return of Sainsbury’s

17 Mar

This corner building on Jameson Street was once a post office with BBC Radio Humberside occupying the upper floors. Well the post office moved into W H Smith’s and the BBC built itself a little palace and this building has been mainly empty for ages. Now Sainsbury’s have recognized the error of moving out of their town centre store and are opening a new place here and as an added bonus there’s to be a Secret Garden Café on top. Well not so secret now …

Let’s have a butchers …

31 Dec
Here is Princes Avenue’s sole remaining butcher’s shop, T L Norman. Now it’s been called T L Norman for longer than I’ve lived in Hull but Mr Norman retired a while ago and it’s now run by some body else. Looking for something to say about this I found that there used to be six butchers on the avenue, I can only remember two others. They are now either a café or a bar along with just about every other shop that used to trade in this street.

This miserable year appears to have run out of days … more of the same tomorrow then! Oh and remember; “Better the butcher than the meat.”. 

On the level

4 Jun

A restaurant on Newland Avenue was undergoing a makeover last week.  Formerly known as Piola, a busy Italian restaurant, it seems it is be called Level a name which gives nothing away.