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Happy Days

8 May

Once again, from the top, with feeling

24 Mar

… and here’s the bus station again, sorry, Hull Interchange, from the top of the bus. You can see how they just borrowed a bit of the rail station and parked buses up against it. As I’ve mentioned before buses have to reverse with passengers on board, something which, according to a well and truly pissed off bus driver, happens in no other bus station in the country and is illegal on a public road but, ha ha ha,  this is private property so it’s OK.

From the top, one more time

23 Mar

Here’s the law courts building once again, this time from the top of the bus heading out to Holderness Road.

Fracture lines

24 Apr

It’s really not fair, some might say, to juxtapose a broken window with Orchard Park. Orchard Park, the very name conjures up a rural idyll, a place of bucolic bliss. But in reality Orchard Park is home to packs of feral, anti-social, uneducated, despicable untermensch who roam around destroying any last vestige of civilisation…and that’s just the children.
Oh I know other cities have far worse places and OP is not even the worst place in Hull but when they witter on about ‘City of Culture this’ and ‘City of Culture that’ just bear in mind how utterly irrelevant it all is to Orchard Park and the kindred hell holes that surround this place.
Margot took this picture while we waited for a bus to leafy Cottingham, where the snobs live, if we are to believe some Hull Councillors.
The weekend in black and white is here.

Simply Buses

10 Sep

I always strive, as you are aware, to be upbeat and positive in my postings about this fair town. So it gives me immense pleasure to inform you that half of Hull’s buses, those blue ones run by Stagecoach, have undergone an overhaul. Not the actual buses themselves, no that would be too much, no the routes they run on. Routes have been combined, adjusted and played around with so that now there are just fifteen routes, numbered 1 to 16. For some reason there is no number 15. Mirabile dictu there’s now even a service that runs from the west unto the east (and back again) and it runs right past my front door every ten minutes. The old buses were labeled Pronto now in a masterpiece of PR they are to be known as Simplibus. We tried out that new service on Monday and sure enough it went all the way across to Holderness Road; pretty straight forward except when the driver forgot the new route in town and took us on an impromptu tourist ride round the houses to get back on track. Still, early days …

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Aussies suck …

7 Jul

… something called Up & Go (a breakfast drink, m’lud ) every morning which is why they will no doubt win this Summer’s Ashes series which starts today in Cardiff. Sadly there’ll be no “Morning, everyone” from Richie Benaud but life goes on. Cricket, I’m told, is an impenetrable mystery to some folks who fail to see how a match can last five days, end in a draw (if we’re lucky!) and still be gripping stuff. Well there you go, that’s just how it is.
These adverts however really do ‘suck’ if I may use the vernacular.

Looks like the back end of a bus

13 May

This is not just any bus parked up outside City Hall, no this is a Beat the Street bus, a luxury coach for the entertainment industry complete with bunks, kitchens, every conceivable mod-con for the comfort and ease of the hard worked artistes. I think the artistes in question were a band known as Texas who come not from the USA but from Glasgow in the newly independent state of Bonnie Scotland.