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The place to be is Withernsea

23 Mar

If you haven’t been to Withernsea then all I can say is that you haven’t lived. With its balmy sandy beaches and inviting blue waters Withernsea is the seaside resort without parallel. The posters below on Whitefriargate last year gave only the merest hint of the pleasures that await you on the sunny Yorkshire coast. Just half an hour’s driving on delightful roads due east of the city of culture will bring you to this very special place.

OK it’s a bit of dead end, run down resort that used to have a lot of visitors until the railway was removed. Now there’s still a beach, a handful of shops and a lighthouse that was carefully placed so far inland that the eroding waves could never reach it. I went there once, it rained.

Airy BnB

17 Feb

The massive influx of visitors to the cultural offerings has led to an extraordinary demand for accommodation. This radical solution offers fine views of Pearson Park and excellent transport facilities.