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Even the drains have beauty …

30 Sep

…in the City of Culture. Barmston drain again with the onset of Autumn

Margot took the second one, and quite possibly the first; one camera, two idiots.

Weekend Reflections are lurking here.


Bang a gong, get it on

7 Mar
In a way the idea of turning this useless bridge to nowhere into a musical instrument makes as much sense as an unlamented 70’s pop hit with pastiche hippy lyrics (Well you’re dirty and sweet Clad in Black. Don’t look back And I love you … I guess you had to be there and I wasn’t!) So it will come to pass that “tuned” metal plates will be attached and struck in the manner of Indonesian gamelan and folk will invited to whack the bridge with a hammer to make “music”. To quote the idiot in charge of the asylum “By Playing the Bridge, participants and audiences will form a new relationship with and think differently about a city landmark. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn a new instrument and be part of an amazing City of Culture project.” Nuff said!

A load of codswallop

8 Oct

I don’t know about culture (that’s probably not come out the way I meant it) but I do know there’s a tidal wave of propaganda filling the streets of this incomparable town. And, as any student of physics should know, a wave moves nothing forward but simply shifts stuff up and down often causing destruction as it passes through. Anyhow the hunky hipster fisherman dressed in waterproofs and a sou’wester doing something unspeakable to a dead cod has surely got to win some sort of award for camp cliché of the year. More of this please!

Wellington Street Bridge

8 Aug

This little swing bridge allows you to nip across the entrance to the marina without having to go over the dock gates. For some reason, probably economic, it is often closed (that is open for boats but closed for foot soldiers, you understand) but I guess with the thousands attending the Humber Street Sesh cacophothon on Saturday it was deemed safer to allows folk to cross this way. (But this photo shows I was wrong to think so; this event seals off public streets and charges people to exercise the freedom to pass along the highway. It is in plain words highway robbery! with noise!)
The bridge would have had rail tracks on it originally as part of the Humber Dock rail system
There, now you’ve seen it from both sides, aren’t you lucky!.

A little bridge

30 Oct

If this looks a tad familiar that’s because I’ve posted the other side of it here in glorious technicolour..

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Lake view

19 Sep

I’ve posted about East Park before so I’ve absolutely no excuse for doing it again …

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Anyone for extras

1 Sep

A film crew was at work on High Street on Monday filming some Victorian costume drama about a woman who poisoned lots of people (charming) and I came across a motley crew of extras tucking into their dinner on the new swing bridge. The lady with the yellow tail was also carrying dinners.