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Samman House

10 Sep

The last in an impromptu triplet of doorways is this on Bowlalley Lane complete with bin bags. The story of the rise (if that’s the right word) of Henry Samman from Oxfordshire born cabin boy to Hull shipping magnate, owner of the Deddington Steamship Company, mayor of Beverley and eventual baronet can be read here should you want a good read. Hull’s chamber of commerce and shipping no longer resides here and indeed the whole building was recently (2013) refurbished and converted into “eight unique high specification apartments” which I suppose explains the trash. A recent addition, well I’ve only just noticed it, is the little picture of what I believe is the SS Elf in company colours.


The Beauty of Curves

30 Apr
Bowlalley Lane
May day is traditionally a day of protest by workers against whatever it is workers don’t like, usually low wages, the system, the bosses and the bourgeoisie and so on. Today’s City Daily Photo first-day-of-the-month theme dictated to us without democratic choice is ‘squares’. So in the spirit of the day and not to be cowed by the growing tyranny of theme days I give you this ornate entrance on Bowlalley Lane which is marred only by those two quite unnecessary quadrilaterals.
If you must seek squares you should look elsewhere.