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Promis’d joy!

4 Mar

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!
News came a few weeks back that the Council had bought this building and the empty Edwin Dawes building behind it. There’s a grand plan to demolish both and erect shops, some housing and that thing most vital for a civic entity, an ice rink (every town should have one), the tout ensemble to be known as Albion Square. As I understand it the demolition will go ahead speedily, leaving the mural and a demolition site, no doubt artfully boarded off. Then, well then, as I understand it, the Council go out with a begging bowl and seek a commercial partner to pay for the scheme. Of course if no such partner is forthcoming then there is, again as far as I know, no plan B and the people of Hull face having a scaffolded façade fronting a very pleasant demolition site for the foreseeable future. 

The boarding around the BHS building shows artist’s impressions of the scheme, involving encasing the mosaic in a glass atrium. You may draw whatever inference you wish by my inclusion of the waste bin in this picture.


1 Oct

An abandoned doll in…

an abandoned shop in …

an abandoned street.

Guess what today’s theme is at City Daily Photo

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

9 Jan

Beckett’s encouraging words came to my mind when I read in the local paper the glad tidings (or sad news if you wish) that this beacon of 1960’s design on Bond Street is destined to be demolished. This sprawling concrete edifice was meant to be the first part of a much grander scheme involving yet more concrete on the opposite side of the street with the two parts linked via a bridge. But as “half assed” are the first two words learnt round here it was (thankfully, some may say) never completed. For some reason the council has ended up owning it and it stands almost completely empty. The largest tenant is, ironically, the council’s very own planning department, I know you’re shocked to learn that there is a planning department … Anyhow the council now wishes to sell it for re-development along with the street itself which could be narrowed as it’s “underused”. As I mentioned at the start my source for all this is a newspaper so take the above with a large pinch of salt.