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Comrade of Hull

16 Oct

Well here’s a little bit of nautical history moored up in the Marina. The Comrade is a type of craft known as a Humber Keel designed to carry cargoes around the Humber and Trent. The design is ancient and thought to be based on Viking longships with a shallow draught and a square rigged sail. Comrade was built in 1923 and could get as far inland as Sheffield. It’s last commercial voyage was in 1975 when it was acquired and renovated by the Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation Society. Of course it has its very own picture filled and informative website.  There’s also a pretty comprehensive history of the vessel here.


Two men in a boat

31 Mar

Here the little coble Harlequin is putting out into relatively calm North Sea to check lobster or crab pots or maybe just for a trip round the bay. If you click on this picture and peer a bit at the horizon you can just about make out some wind generators, these are part of what is going to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. This will keep the lights on in a million homes just so long as the wind blows.

The theme for City Daily Photo this month is the ‘beauty of simplicity‘.

Blue barge

17 Jul
This old barge or lighter with the odd name of Poem 25 is a fixture in the old harbour of the river. I’ve shown it before here but that was before colour was invented.
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Ocean Seeker

3 Jan

Maybe it’s just me but watching ships carry out intricate manoeuvres in a fast flowing current attempting to get into a narrow dock gate there always the vague wish, no that’s too strong a word, idea maybe, lurking at the back of your mind they might, I don’t know, overshoot or run into the bank or some such. There’s probably a word for it: schadenfreude infantilis or some such.  Thankfully it never happens, at least not while I’m standing there taking pictures. This survey ship made its stately way up stream then halted and performed a very smooth almost balletic right-angled turn to enter Albert Dock. No bumps, no scrapes, no fun at all.
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Riverhead Apartments, Driffield

28 Nov

Nothing much changes or so it seems at this place. It was just like this when I first came here nearly half a century ago. Maybe the warehouse apartment developments are newish but it looks much the same.

The weekend seems to have crept up on us again. See it in black and white here. Or see its reflection here.

Humber Bore

19 Nov

I’m told that every tidal estuary has a bore, that is when the incoming water overcomes the outflowing water and surges upstream. In the UK the Severn bore is particualrly well known with brave souls surfing along it for miles. The Humber then also has a bore (apart from me) it’s just not that noticeable near Hull. This is not to say that the tidal wave isn’t rushing at great speed (25mph or so past Hull) and some violence up this narrowing inlet and indeed upstream there is, on the Trent, a bore known as the Aegir or Eagre. All these twice daily flows can and do shift sandbanks around causing shippping channels, at least upstream of Hull, to alter course, sometimes overnight. Which leads us to this little boat, the ABP survey vessel Humber Ranger, busy keeping an eye on things at the bottom of the stream and producing up to date navigation charts every two or three months.  

Messing about with boats

30 Sep

Here’s a small boat slowly motoring into the marina some time back in August. Couldn’t find a use for this picture or rather collection of pictures stitched up until this month’s City Daily Photo theme of ‘movement’ was announced.